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DAT assignment

The designer generation - research on two designers

Bryana Cooper

on 27 February 2010

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Transcript of DAT assignment

Marc Newson Karim Rashid Design Profession Karim Rashid is an industrial designer as he does many varieties of different designs ranging from furniture, lights, kitchen gadgets, living spaces and many more. Biography Karim Rashid is one of the most creative designers of his generation, born in Cairo to Egyptian and English parents, then raised in Canada.
He recieved a Bachelor in Industrial design in 1982, from Carlton University, Canada.
Karim's work is located in 20 different permanent collections and he displays art in galleries world wide. With over 3000 designs in creation, his legendary design shows in the 300 or more awards he has recieved and is working in over 35 countries.
Karim is frequently asked to guest speak as a lecturer at universities and conferences all around the world, distributing the importance of design in everyday life.
Karim has been featured in many books and arcticles globally. He has also published monographs such as his most recent; KarimSpace.
In Karim Rashid's spare time he tends to deisgn art, fashion and DJ's, amongst other things. He now manages his own private design studio in New York. Contact Details Karim Rashid Inc.

357 West 17th St.
New York, 10011

http://www.karimrashid.com/ Training and Experience Karim Rashid recieved a Bachelor in Industrial design in 1982, from Carlton University, Canada. Then continued his postgraduate studies in Italy. Karim's designs for every product he makes all have a certain style or look about them. They all tend to be of modern design with curves and bright colours.
He calls his design style "sensuous minimalism." It combines clean and simple lines with soft, rounded, organic, even biomorphic, shapes, resulting in objects that are beautiful and interesting despite their lack of decoration. Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karim_Rashid








Design Profession Biography Training and Experience Contact Details Marc is a successful industrial designer as well. He produces a variety of things such as fashion, aircraft design, product design, furniture design, jewellery and clothing. Being an industrial designer gives you the flexiblity and range to create any object. Marc Newson Ltd

7 Howick Place Unit 9
London SWP1P 1AZ

Styles and Sources of Inspiration Marc Newson also designs everything ergonomically friendly with no sharp edges. He incorporates the design style known as biomorphism which is when he focuses on natural life and uses organic shapes to design his product.
Sources of inspiration for Marc is other designers such as Gio Ponti and Luigi Colani but his main inspiration is from Tadao Ando and other Japanese architects as he finds the Japanese have a hard but sensitive style about their work.
The majority of his pieces are inspired by the natural world and its soft, smooth shapes. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1963, Marc Newson is one of the most influential and accomplished designers of his generation. He has created everything from chairs, household objects, a bicycle and a concept car to restaurants, a recording studio and interiors of aeroplanes.
Marc Spent his childhood travelling Europe and Asia before he started studying jewellery and sculpture at Sydney College of Arts. He started designing furniture when he was a student and after graduating in 1984 he staged an exhibition at Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Sydney, featuring the Lockheed Lounge.
In 1987 Marc moved to Tokyo where he worked and lived, designing pieces such as the Orgone Lounge and Felt chair, until 1991 where he moved and set up a studio in Paris.
In 1997 Marc Newson moved to London, where he set up Marc Newson Ltd as a bigger studio where he could design and create larger and more determined projects. Since then he has designed collections of glassware, kitchen and bathroom accessories, furniture, lighting and household objects and a variety of many more creations. He then opened a second studio in Paris.
In 2004-5 he received the commission from Qantas Airways to design entire aircraft interiors for the new A380 fleet and also new airport lounges for Sydney and Melbourne. In April 2005 Marc Newson was named as one of the Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world.
As well as winning a number of awards, including 6 Good Design Awards, Marc has exhibited widely. An exhibition of Marc Newson's new unique and limited edition pieces was shown at the Gagosian gallery, New York from January - March 2007.
Marc’s designs are present in most major permanent museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, London's Design Museum and others. A book on Marc Newson's work was published by Booth-Clibborn Editions in 1999, and one by Thames & Hudson in 2001. A DVD was released in January 2005.
Marc Newson is Accessory Professor in Design at Sydney College of the Arts, and in the UK has been selected 'Royal Designer for Industry'.
Styles and Sources of Inspiration Major Achievements Karim Rashid has had many major achievements as he is a fantastic designer, one of the best in his generation. He has recieved a numerous amount of awards for a range of designs and creations.
His most recent award was the iF product design award, in 2010 for his deisgn: Artemide Cadmo lamp. Major Achievements Marc has had many major achievements as well. He has been selected to do a lot of work for Qantas and other very high brands such as Nike to design different
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