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PhD conference presentation May 2015

No description

Richard Jones

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of PhD conference presentation May 2015

PhD conference
15th May 2015

About me
Richard Jones
Lecturer in Journalism and Media, University of Huddersfield
I'm doing this part-time over five years.
I'm a journalist-turned-lecturer.
This project
Topic: The sustainability of court reporting in the UK’s local media
Supervisors: Prof Stuart Allan, Prof Richard Sambrook
For a while I combined being a stay-at-home dad with running my own hyperlocal news site. This got me especially interested in coverage of local democracy in an era of declining local newspapers.
Key questions
- To what extent is local newspaper coverage of courts in decline?
- Is there anything else filling that gap?
- Why does it matter?
- What can we do about it?
I'm aiming to do my literature review by the end of the calendar year. So far, I've identified:

- There's almost nothing written about local news coverage of courts that isn't very historical
- There's a large body of literature on crime reporting, but not much on courts (especially not local courts)
- There's an emerging body of work on hyperlocal
As part of my literature review, I'm going to research coverage of certain key moments in UK court reporting - major trials and changes in the laws around magistrates' courts
Later, I intend to use semi-structured interviews with reporters, editors, hyperlocal practitioners, and people within the justice system. Plus, content analysis to establish the extent of the decline of court coverage.
Theoretical approaches will hopefully emerge as this project develops.
- Habermas and the public sphere
- Robert Dahl and theories around decision-making and governance
Contact me
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