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on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of PBIS

It’s all about pride!
Demonstrate your Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.

In Our House We Are:

What does PBIS do for you?
Students are recognized and praised for positive behaviors.

How Does PBIS Work?
What is PBIS?
A positive behavior
management process
to create safer and more
effective schools.

A system of clear schoolwide expectations with consequences and incentives.

--teacher-student conference, parent contact, reflections, parent conference, administrative referral.

Transition quietly
Flush the toilet
Throw trash in appropriate receptacles
Wash hands
An intervention when
you need help.
Recognition and celebration
for your success!
--opportunities to participate in special events and opportunities
Students receive interventions to help them refocus their unsuccessful behaviors
All students follow the same set of rules and expectations throughout all areas in the building.
These rules and expectations
are displayed as a matrix, which
is posted in every hallway and classroom.
When students follow the rules and expectations, they are recognized.
When students do NOT follow the rules, there are planned consequences to help them get back on track.

Use business language
Follow adult directions
Keep the facilities clean
Keep hands & feet to yourself
Get in and out
Report problems
Use business language
Follow adult directions
Transition quietly
Carry a valid hall pass
Pick up litter
Keep hand & feet to yourself
Walk on the right
Go straight to your destination
Use business language
Follow adult directions
Keep food in cafeteria
Transition quietly
Clean up your eating area
Keep hands & feet to yourself
Wait in line for your turn
Recognitions for individual
students may include
the following:
Ice Cream
Restaurant Coupons
Sport Passes
Computer Game Time
Early Release
Student Assemblies
Eat Outside
Gym Party
"If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you,
And you don't do that,
You are wasting your time on this Earth!"
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