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Doing World History

No description

Trevor Oftedal

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Doing World History

Asking Questions
1. Higher Level Questions ONLY (good rule of thumb: how or why)

2. Must be answerable from the textbook chapter we are covering

Refers to the spreading out of people, idea, goods, etc.

Frame: "How did ____ spread from ____ to ____?"

ex: How did Buddhism spread from India to China?
ex: Why did the Bubonic Plague spread from Central Asia to Europe?
Big Picture
Take the thesis of the chapter and turn it into a how or why question.

How did Pastoral peoples increase interaction between Eurasian societies during the Post-Classical Era?
The mixing of two elements together to create something new.

Frame: "How did ____ and ____ mix together to create ____?"

ex. Why did Africans blend their traditional shamanistic religions with Catholicism when enslaved in the Caribbean?
ex: How was Communism in the Soviet Union a blend of Marxism and Russian values?
Comparison (and contrast)
similarities and differences
among civilizations in reference to a specific theme.

Frame: "Why was _____ and _____ similar and different in regards to _____?"

ex: Why were the motives for exploration similar and different in China and Europe?
ex: How were the Indus River Valley and Nile River Valleys similar and different in terms of their adoption and intensification of farming?
Common Phenomena
Natural or historical events and developments that two separate regions share.

Frame: "How did _____ and _____ both have _____?"

ex: Why was monumental architecture used as a method of control in Mesopotamia and the Americas during the Pre-Classical Era?
ex: How were peasants subjugated by landowning nobles in Japan and Russia in the time between 1800-1914?
5 Questions
Doing World History
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