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Facts about elderly people

No description

Allison Morse

on 28 November 2010

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Transcript of Facts about elderly people

15 facts about elderly people you probably didn't know by Allison Morse 1. Drivers over age 65 have fewer accidents per person than drivers under age 65. 2. Older people take longer to learn new things than younger people. 3. However if taught something new an older people can perform a task just as well as a younger people. 4. The majority of old people are seldom bored. Only 17% of persons 65 or over say "not enough to do to keep busy" is a "somewhat serious" or "very serious" problem 5. Most medical practitioners tend to give low priority to the aged, preferring to work with children or younger adults. 6. Older workers have fewer accidents than younger people. 7. Older adults commit suicide at a higher rate than any other age group. 8. The majority of old people are not senile. Only about 2 or 3% of persons age 65 or over are institutionalized as a result of psychiatric illness. 9. Only 4.8% of persons 65 and over were residents of any long stay institutions in 2003. 10. The reaction time of most old people tends to be slower than that of younger people. 11. Most old people are not very alike, in fact, some evidence indicates that as people age they tend to become less alike and more heterogeneous on many dimensions. 12. Two-thirds of all elderly people say they are never or seldom lonely. 13. A recent national survey found that the majority of aged are as happy now as when they were younger. 14. The majority of persons past age 65 continue to have both interest in, and capacity for, sexual relations. 15. Over three-fourths of old people are working or would like to have some kind of work to do.
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