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Social Problems in Algeria

No description

Kat Mallea

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Problems in Algeria

By: Nicole Shaw, Brennen Rand,
Carlos Alves, Ruthy Weche, Jaline Israel,
and Kat Mallea.
Social Problems in Algeria
There were 4,800 people in Algeria who were divorced by the year 1963.
.42 divorces per 1000 people.
There are more "spinsters" (unmarried women) than bachelors.

Average infant mortality rates in Algeria
• 1980-1983 88.5 deaths/1,000 live births
• 1984-1987 54.75 deaths/1,000 live births
• 1988-1991 40.75 deaths/1,000 live births
• 1992-1995 37.25 deaths/1,000 live births
• 1996-1999 35 deaths/1,000 live births
• 2000-2003 32.5 deaths/1,000 live births
• 2004-2007 28.25 deaths/1,000 live births
• 2008-2011 24 deaths/1,000 live births
• 2012-2014 21.92 deaths/1,000 live births

Infant Mortality
Under President Chadli Ben Jedid in 1979, prosperity was not equally among the Liberian population
The debt burden huge and
Oil prices plummeted in 1986, causing dissent Muslim fundamentalists began to threaten the National Liberation Front (FLN) government widespread rioting caused by strikes from the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) FIS leading to hundreds of deaths, causing the moderate Prime Minister to be forced to resign in 1991
During elections, growing waves of fear began to surface that the fundamentalists would win the votes and put Algeria into an Islamic state.
Social Problems
Current Events
Divorce Rates
Rules on divorce in Algeria
• The husband may divorce his wife at will; but if he abuses this privilege, his wife may be awarded damages.and He must provide for his divorced wife and her children if she has no family to go to, unless she had previously divorced or was guilty of immorality.
The wife may request a divorce if any of the following apply:
her husband has failed to provide for her;
her husband has refused to have sex with her for over 4 months;
her husband has been condemned to a dishonorable imprisonment of over a year's length;
her husband has been absent for over a year without a good reason;
her husband has failed to fulfill his legal duties towards her;
her husband is guilty of grave immorality.

Causes of divorce
There was a lack of educated women, who were incapable of being proper mates.
Within the couples there were debates between those who wanted family life organized along Western secularist lines. And those who favored a family structure conforming to Islamic principles and ethics.
Algeria Gas Plant Hostage Crisis
Terrorist group take hostages from UK, Norway, Japan, and U.S.
Attacked employees at a gas plant; it was pre-planned
12 were killed
Hostages from at least seven different countries
Six Americans escaped or were freed
650 hostages total with 100 foreigners
The terrorists were angry about Algeria’s support in Mali
They targeted the gas field because Algeria’s oil and gas companies partnered with foreign companies
Some hostages managed to escape by disguising themselves
Some escaped with plastic explosives still tied around their necks

Algeria Hit New High in FIFA World Rankings
Placed 15th on world rankings on October’s global list
The Desert Foxes replaced Ivory Coast as the top ranked team in Africa
October 23rd, 2014
The Council declared a 12-month state of emergency and arrested FIS leaders, while others fled. The state of emergency was extended indefinitely, local governments were disbanded, the FIS was banned, the military was established as the ultimate authority and opposition insurrection escalated into a brutal and savage civil war.
1995, the FIS signed the Rome Peace Platform, denouncing violence and agreeing to power sharing with the military until elections could be held. However, the military rejected the Rome accords and attempts at a negotiated settlement, spurring continuing and escalating violence from all sides.

National Liberation Front (FLN)
Islamic Salvation Front (ISF)
Police Riots
Currently there are Police riots going
on in Algeria near the presidential
palace. These riots are ironic because
these are the same people who crowd
control for civilian riots.
The riots erupted because the police want better conditions for living and better pay because of all the peacekeeping between the Berbers and the Arabs.
The government has accepted some of the demands for change but not the resignation of the chief police officer. However, because of the price drop per barrel of oil, the Algerian gov does not believe that they can support raised salaries for very long.

Recently terrorist attacks have been spiking in the area. One such attack left one 55 year old French hiker Herve Gourdel, headless. He was beheaded by the terrorist group Jund al Khilafa in attempt to project them into the world and swear allegiance with ISIS and other more prominent terrorist groups.
Dissident Islamic fundamentalists formed the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) and Armed Islamic Movement and a brutal civil war has developed. To keep the conflicts secret, Over 80 journalists have been killed and beheaded, while the government has imposed total censorship of news from war, with a death toll approaching 80,000.
1997, the government of President Liamine Zeroual, the National Democratic Rally (RND) was re-elected, although the FIS and other opposition parties remained banned from participating.
The GIA still being reported of major human rights abuses and attacks against innocent citizens to discourage cooperation with government forces through coercion.
The Berbers, who make-up 17% of the population are growing increasingly discontent and are threatening to create a separatist movement, causing further violence

National question targeted on Algeria
as to state and whether power, money
and privilege will go to the elite, who
inherited their positions from colonial
France or whether the country should
distribute the wealth and develop
opportunities among the rest of the
Algeria as a country remains behind the rest as the government is criticized to be hypocritical and full of ulterior motives.
The country as a whole is underdeveloped and in the eyes of other nations, it goes by unnoticed.
Amnesty declared to all the rebels and rebel groups in
1999 in order to create peace, however a constant arms conflict has been occurring since

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM, Formerly known as The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, is a group that the country constantly struggles to control. Its goal is to overthrow the Algerian Government and make it Islamic.
They also associate with the International Drug Trade and
help to secure drug smugglers in the Sahara
Bombing by the ‘Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’ common and increasing since 2007
December 9th 2010, Algeria launched one of its largest military offences on this group but it ended with many
fatalities and backwards results,
tension exists between Algeria and Morocco because of nomadic Saharans seeking their own terms
The Polisario Front, a group centered in the Algerian town
of Tindouf, wants total independence from the Western
• Overall pics
• Infant mortality




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Social prob:

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• Current events
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