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No description

Manuela Granados

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Traveling

New York
Las Vegas
These are friends that I met while traveling. They came to Colombia, they taught us some things from their culture, and we showed them the marvelous thing of Colombia.
I learned many things about the running of the self-storage business.
The different view of things for example they remember their love ones that died with celebrations.
The food and their culture, the way they honor their ancestors.
Ideas of new business
Marketing ideas
It helped a lot my professional development because I had the chance of working in an international bank with people from all over the world.
I grew up a lot because it was the first time that I lived by myself.
I saw a bit of the life of the American University life,
the people, their culture and the way they treat tourists.
I saw another way of the world, the culture was very different their religion.
This was one of the trips that opened my mind the most. The contrasts, their monuments and their landscapes will never wipe off my mind.
Seeing the pink taxis change my perspective of the old traditional yellow taxis. This could be a great idea for a new taxis company to be different in the market.
Understanding other religions, believes and cultures different from mine made me open my mind to new things and made me understand better people that are from different places than Colombia.
Berlin helped me in my professional and personal development because learning about the Jewish culture helped me understand many things of my current boss and some of my co-workers.
Aside this, it is important knowing about other religions because is a very essential part in the life of many people, and many aspects of life, family, traditions are ruled by religion.
This trip helped me personally and professionally because it was a trip with the families of my father´s partners.
Here we bonded in a way that we had never bond before, our relationship changed a lot and that was very useful when I started working at the family business.
We spent three days with a Swedish friend of my sister. She showed us local places to eat, where they partied and traditional places that tourists visit. It was very nice because that way you can learn more of the city, their people, and their culture.
That was an awesome trip!
How traveling contributes to my personal and professional development...
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