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Fashion in the Renaissance

Humanities 3,4,5 Project Mrs. Plantan

Grace Tucker

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Fashion in the Renaissance

by: Grace Tucker Fashion in the Renaissance Mom! I have nothing to wear! * VERY high shoes were common for church dwellers because they were hard to dance in
* the souls of many shoes were made of either wood or cork
* wealthy women used 1/2 - 1 inch thick wooden souls called ''patters'' to keep them from getting dirty Shoes are Key In the Renaissance blonde hair was a MUST! Having blonde hair symbolized of great wealth and popularity. Golden is the Golden Rule! men wore:
* boots for riding * stockings (also known as ''cod piece' ') * knee britches
* jerkin (a sleeveless over vest) *lower class wore longer shirts
* hose (tight tights) * doublet (jacket in many styles)
* desired a white complexion
* wealthy would wear pearls, sapphires, lace trim, and large jewels
* long dresses with a high waist and puffy sleeves and shoulders
* Gothic style was popular
* had much simpler material so that the clothes were cheap
*girls and boys wore coats when needed
* boys wore close fitting hoses. a doublet. and dressed to resemble their father
* women and girls would ALWAYS cover their hair with either a scarf or hat
* girls were heavily dressed
* girls wore a long white under garment How did Fashion in the Renaissance influence style today? The clothing styles of men, women, and children in the Renaissance. Was Fashion different in different areas? Thanks for Watching! Fashion in the Renaissance by: Grace *fashion timeline* What Not to Wear In the Renaissance there were certain laws that were made telling certain people what they could and couldn't wear. It affected society at the time. : Rich vs. Poor Rich: *expensive clothing was used to build reputation, display wealth and success, and to lead trends
* silver and gold thread would be sewn to create designs such as scenes from legends, nature or religion.
*beret was invented during the Renaissance period and would often be highly decorated with jewels and embroidery
* Upper class would wear jewelry, furs, and belts Poor: * clothes were made of linen, which was a very available material
* dressed for keeping warm rather than appearance
* then , fashion and costumes mirrored the ''advancing'' culture as trade made more clothing material available
chicago87.edu.glogster.com angelfire.com People in the Renaissance were judged by their clothing. What you were wearing determined your religion, class, and even your health:
* In England they had a long list of laws (sumptuary laws)
* Jewish people were often forced to wear certain clothing to identify their religion.
* Depending on your station in life you could only wear clothes of certain colors and materials
* laws were often passed to try and keep the lower class from wearing fancy clothes * for men:
-long short hair went in and out of style
-at other times a short haircut with pointy beards were popular
- at even OTHER times... long hair with a shaved face was ''in''
* blonde is the golden rule:
-some women would bleach their hair to turn it blonde
-wigs or fake locks of hair made of yellow or white silk were very popular websters-online dictionary.com
ducksters.com Let's visit the fashion of: Florence *specialty was textiles
* merchants would get materials from different countries, fashion was a big part of trade
*wool and cloth (raw materials) were processed and dyed with brilliant colors and were then exported sites.google.com
the 14th-16th century
-----(The Renaissance period)------ 1400 1450 1500 1550 1600 NOW
2013 (FAST FORWARD APPROX. 400 YEARS) life123.com world4.edu longago.com world4.edu karenswhimsy.com girl.com angelfire.com historyofeuropean.com citelighter.com Today:
*women shave hair when needed
*women shower
* everyone has their own style
* TAN= 'IN' Then:
*women didn't shave unwanted hair
* didn't bathe as much
* fashion wasn't unique or individual, but a trend to follow
* PALE= 'IN' Influences:
*wedding dresses now are in the ''princess'' style similar to Renaissance
* women still have undergarments when wearing sleeveless dresses or tight clothing
* kids want comfortable clothing
* blonde hair is popular and wanted by most women
* HIGH SHOES! mtholyoke.net
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