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Comparison and Contrast

A guide on how to write a comparison and contrast essay made by: Ramilyn G, Jackylyn P, Brandon B, Kimberly L, Renante N, and Shane N.

Ramilyn Gonzales

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Comparison and Contrast

Comparison and Contrast WHat it is: An essay that compares two subjects
explaining how they are similiar
and different Key terms Compare and contrast, similarites and differences, relative merits, advantages and disadvantages signifies that you should use a comparison-and-contrast pattern Finding a connection:
When writing a comparison, it should
lead you beyond the obvious it is helpful to focus on common elements that seem provocative. for example both bees and humans are social animals that have tasks to perform and roles to fulfill in their respective societies. Animals habitats
diets & habitats
diets vs Animals & habitats
diets Remember to compare the same subjects while doing a comparison and contrast essay. good not good species
classification thesis statments Should tell the reader what to expect in your essay the structure of your thesis statemant may indicate the focus of your essay. the first sentence may emphasize similarities, and the second may emphasize differences Format
as other essays, a comparison and
contrast should consist of an
introduction, body paragraphs,
and a conclusion. However, a comparison and contrast essay may be written in two different ways Subject-by-subject emphasizes comparing overall
similarities or differences point-by-point emphasizes
individual points of similarites and differences how to use them: in a subject-by-subject comparison, basically you write an essay for each subject, but you discuss the same points. remember to arrange your points in som logical order *important* Subject-by-subject essays are most appropriate for short uncomplicated papers. the longer the paper gets, the harder it is to keep tract of points made in the essay in a point-by-point essay you should first make a point about one subject and then follow it with a comparable point from the other point-by-point comparisons are useful for longer, more complicated essays which have various points REMEMBER Transitions are needed to indicate
whether you are discussing similarities
or differences. without transitions, your
TO MAKE USEFUL TRANSITIONS: COMPARISONS JUST AS... SO LIKE LIKEWISE IN COMPARISON in the same way contrast although but conversely despite in contrast topic sentences like transitional phrases, topic sentences help to guide readers through an essay. When reading a compare-and-contrast essay, readers can easily forget the points that are being discussed In conclusion Comparison and contrast essays are used to portray the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. By following this guide you will be able to get your views and points across to the reader with ease e Before writing your essay, you must be sure a basis of comparison exists. For example, although cats and dogs are different, they share several common elements: they are mammals, they make good pets, and so forth. Shane was here Jesus
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