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Teaching in the 21st Century

No description

Reinheart Marilla

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Teaching in the 21st Century

Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Format
Lesson/ Week:

General Standard:
A. Program Standard
B. Content Standard
C. Performance Standard

Lesson Plan Format
II. Specific Learning Competency
e.g. shares prior knowledge about a text or topic.

III. Text
Support Instructional Materials:

Lesson Plan Format

IV. Learning Task/s:

Day 1

A. Preliminary Task
Student’s Journey
Students’ Objective for the week

B. Initial Tasks
4As (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, Application)

Lesson Plan Format
Day 2 – The Text
4As (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, Application)
Day 3 – Discovery Task
4As (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, Application)
Day 4 – Students’ Treasure

V. Assignment:

What is a Lesson Plan?
Teaching in the 21st Century
"A statement of achievements to be realized and the specific means by which these are to be attained as a result of the activities engaged in a day by day under the guidance of the teacher " )Nelson Bossing).
Instructional Material
Let's Watch THIS.
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