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an unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake or undersea volcanic eruption.

Briawna Free

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Tsunami

Java, Krakatau Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Aleutian Islands, Alaska Chile Water level rose high as11ft Epicenter=52.8N,159.5E Focal depth of 30 km Occured in Russia Other areas affected: Halelwa, Oahu, Midway Island, Kaika bay occured in Alaska. Other areas affected
where Andrean of Islands water level on average 2 to 3 m epicenter of 52.8N, 159.5E focal depth- 33km 36,417 people drowned Took 12 hours to reach shore occured in Indonesia other areas affected where Krakatau, Anak Krakatau,
Lang, and Verlaten 37m (120ft) in height. destoryed 295 towns 10-15 minutes to reah shore 1883 1960 1964 1952 number of fatalities associated with both the tsunami and the earthquake has been estimated to be between 490 to 2,290 Damage cost estimates were over a half billion dollars magnitude 8.6 earthquake After the tsunami had passed the Hawaiian Islands damage costs were estimated at $24 million and 61 people had died Six cows died and no human lives were lost in Hawaii where damage estimates ranged from $800,000- $1,000,000 waves destroyed boats, knocked down telephone lines, destroyed piers, scoured beaches, and flooded lawns Even though no lives were lost, the Hawaiian Islands suffered the greatest with damage costs approximately $5 million Houses were washed out and destroyed at Wainiha and Kalihiwai As you know Tsunami's are very dangerous
and kill many people each year.
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