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Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Continuous

Main differences and use of these two verb tenses.

Denise Galván

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Continuous

Present perfect vs. Present perfect continuous We use Present Perfect to talk about
completed actions in the past.
"Teacher I've finished." Also to emphasize a quantity. "I've studied three English courses so far." Have you ever cheated on someone? When we make questions,
we can include the word ever to asK:
¿Alguna vez has hecho...? How about the negative form? Just add not after the auxiliary! We haven't practiced this topic that much. We've been waiting for a looooong time... When you want to emphasize the duration of an action use Present Perfect Continuous. Also use it when you
want to talk about an action
that started in the past and is currently true now. I' ve been practicing English for almost two years. "Supposedly, I haven't stopped doing it." What have you been doing up lately? You can use this question to get information about someone's recent activities... ¿Qué es lo que has estado haciendo ultimamente? Negative form:
Just add not after the auxiliary. I haven't been doing that much, just few things... such as: learning how to use
Present Perfect and Present Perfect
Continuous :)
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