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Book Report

Madeline Greene

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of TTFN

TTFN By:Madeline Greene period-6 My book report book! SnowAngel Zoegirl MadMaddie "The exciting book of exciting I.M. Messaging"
-New York Times Plot
These 3 girls have a life full of instant messaging. Including drama and boys. SnowAngel
SnowAngel is a quiet shy girl. She never complains she just likes to go with the flow. Zoegirl
zoegirl is a outgoing and courageous type of girl.who sometimes starts rumors intensionally. she likes drama! MadMaddie
MadMaddie is a drama queen litterally. She is a magnet to drama and always has to be around it. Rising Actions
Zoegirl is dating Josh. MadMaddie is dating Jake. SnowAngel is dating Jackson. Well, Eventually freinds betray freinds and Jackson is cheating on Snowangel with MadMaddie. Eventually prom comes around and things get all mixed up Jackson takes MadMaddie to prom. Josh takes SnowAngel and Jake takes Zoegirl. The End Setting:Computer
Main Charecter:MadMaddie
Time:Present:Day Climax
The three girls MadMaddie,SnowAngel,and Zoegirl are not talking because of all of the drama that happened in the Rising action. Falling action
the girls realize that freinds are more important then boys and become freinds again and stop fighting. Resolution
The three boys all move to colorado, Florida, and cuba. Three new boys moved to the school and i think that there will be another book because there are new people new drama.
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