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Bachelor Thesis Defence

Presentation Thesis Defence for OpenSpatialChoice

Sippora Pattiiha

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Bachelor Thesis Defence

Welcome Bachelor Thesis defence OpenSpatialChoice Introduction Multi-Criteria Evaluation Spatial Planning Decision Making Process Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ITC Luc Boerboom Özgün Alan Mapping systems Education Bachelor Thesis The assignment 1 2 3 4 5 "With which external factors has the company
to deal with in its macro-environment?" "What are the company's main strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats?" "How attractive is this market
to start a business in?" "Who are the main competitors and what is the influence of the competitors?" "How can the company find ways
to create competitive advantage
through specific activities?" Five Sub-Questions Central Research Question "How attractive is the market for OpenSpatialChoice,
and which sector on European scale would be the best option?" Merge ITC with
University of Twente Introductory speech
Anne Flierman Valorisation
possibilities Collaboration
Alan & Boerboom Software Software Free & Open Source Software free of charge desktop ór online Service paid service order performing DMP investment innovation Sectors Forestry Statistics Micro vs. Macro Micro
analysis The Company Suppliers Customers Competition Communication Data flow Target customers Knowledge of presence Macro
analysis Political forces Economical forces Social-Cultural forces Technological forces Government & Laws Exchange Rate Changing lifestyles Changes in technology Developments / Improvements SWOT Strengths F/OSS Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Low cost resources Multi-criteria evaluation Starting business Unknown type Difficult usage Competition Regulations Change of technology Development technology & Internet Moving into more sectors/markets Government cuts external harmful internal helpful The Market Porter's Five Competitive Forces Competition Open Source software Similar product(s) Remaining competition - those who do not fit in the profile of offering their product through Open Source software. Though still considered to be competition due to similarities in offering a product/service like OpenSpatialChoice with spatial decision support systems. "The OpenGeo Suite" an American enterprise (USA)
significant small number of employees
great example for OpenSpatialChoice
large assortment of products and services
not focussed on OSC's type of product
great player in the market - major competition B-Open Solutions Geo-Solutions Geosparc MapGears Oslandia Vizzuality Camptocamp Prof. Jacek Malczewski Prof. Claus Rinner Both professors are specialists in Geo-Information Science (GIS) and Multi-Criteria spatial decision support systems. Both are taughting about this subjects at universities in the United States. "HIGH" threat of new entrants LOW" bargaining power of customers "HIGH" threat of substitute products "LOW" bargaining power of suppliers The intensity of competitive rivalry within
the industry is "HIGH" Competitive Rivalry / Advantage
from OpenSpatialChoice Primary activities Supporting activities The Sectors Forestry Sector Statistics Sector How to approach? Analyse country options
Two filter processes
Finding best options Approach "Filter 1" Analyse country options
Information load
Display options
Additional options
Grading scale from 5 to 9 Result "Filter 1" Top Selection of countries
with a rate 7 or higher

"FILTER 2" 1: Availability tables, charts, maps
2: Specific data search option
3: Compare data option
4: Level of usage Approach "Filter 2" Narrow down options
Specific search for popularity mapping options, subject
coverage (with maps) Result "Filter 2" Popularity
Mapping options
Subject coverage 1 - the Czech Republic
2 - Sweden / Denmark
3 - the UK / Lithuania Approach Survey Result Thank you for your attention International Training Centre of Aerial Survey University of Twente ForeStClim project using the Value Chain Operations
Service Technological developments Website analysis
E-mail contact SurveyMonkey
Short & clear survey Low response rate
Long term plan Any Questions? Jessica van der Torre Sippora Pattiiha & Public data Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, ITC
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