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The Honest Herald

My news paper on absolute monarchy in Russia

Jacob Valdez

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of The Honest Herald

The Honest Herald Peter the Great dies
after saving drowning sailors Sunday February 11th
1725 Peter died thursday of pneumonia after diving into freezing water to rescue drowing sailors. Peter the Great did much for our country of russia including creating a military which he used to expan our borders, advanced or technology, and even established us as a supreme power in the world. Many will remember him as the man who created St. Petersburg where much of his studys from western Europe were applied. Not only did he bring in western architecture, but western clothing and party ritiuals as well. But no the man wasn't just fun and games. While expanding our borders he took land from the ottomons and opened ports on the black sea which opened up trade to the west even during the winter. The man was a major stepping stone in our history and we shall forever remember his name. Fashion Women- Ladys bell dresses are still in fashion! The more layers the better! Men- coats, vests, britches, and stockings are you need to impress the ladys, trust us we're russian. Did you know that potatoes and sasuage are both foods that we eat that originated from western europe ? Food Art and Architechture Before peter died he brought european artists to teach us russians how to paint. Here's a painting of our westernized kingdom. Important facts: Russia gained more warm water ports on the black sea after war with the swedes. Absolute monarch - Complete control over gov. Divine right- authority from god
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