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New Kids in the Neighborhood

No description

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of New Kids in the Neighborhood

New Kids in the Neighborhood
By Norman Rockwell
The John F. Kennedy Years
Lyndon B. Johnson
Visual Elements
"Rockwell did not show them just shaking hands and making friends either" (Norman) *
Born in New York in 1894 (Doyle)
The Saturday Evening Post
Franklin D. Roosevelt, the
Four Freedoms
Roderick Stephens (Doyle)
Molly Punderson, Erik Erickson (Doyle)
Conflict with
, began covers for
Civil rights, poverty, race and other social issues ("About Norman")
Passed away in 1978 (Doyle)
Vietnam War
Civil Rights
Who is Norman Rockwell

magazine (Doyle)
A young black housewife living in white-dominant Chicago, “Being a Negro in the middle of white people is like being alone in the middle of a crowd" (Doyle)
“They are emerging from nearly all the large metropolitan ghettos with increasing frequency” ("Look Magazine")

The context of the painting
South Vietnam already received U.S. support against the Communists in North Vietnam ("The 1960s")
Affect on Great Society ("The 1960s")
Why Johnson continued to push for War? ("The 1960s")
Result ("The 1960s")
Reconstruction in the South after the Civil War ("The 1960s")
Greensboro Sit-ins ("The 1960s")
Martin Luther King Jr. ( "The 1960s")
Government Actions ("Lyndon B. Johnson")
Aftermath ("The 1960s")
Works Cited
Visual Elements
Yellow (happy)
Similarities within the two groups "The children of the neighborhood and the black newcomers regarding each other with curiosity instead of animosity" (Moffatt).
May 16, 1967 ("Exhibitions")
Name ("Exhibitions")
Major Issues ("The 1960s")
1961-1963 ("John F. Kennedy")
New Frontier ("The 1960s")
Bay of Pigs ("John F. Kennedy")
Cuban Missile Crisis ("John F. Kennedy")
("John F. Kennedy")
1963-1969 ("Lyndon B. Johnson")
Great Society ("The 1960s")
Primary goals ("The 1960s")
("Lyndon B. Johnson")
What does the Piece say about the 60's?
Racial Tension
Socioeconomic status
Tools for peace
Similarities for the future
Chika Kamesato, Kelsie Glass and Jamie Miura
("Look Magazine")
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