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Katelyn Thomas

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of ARTEMIS

She is the Goddess of chastity, virginity, hunting, the moon and natural environment.
Her Symbols
According to Artemis, be sure to stay away from men, nothing good can come from them.
Sources Sited:
Bow and Arrow- Artemis was the protector of nature and the hunt, she always carried a bow and arrow.

Katie Thomas
Freda Monroe

Artemis (Diana) is the daughter of Zeus and Leto.
In love with Orion
Twin sister to Apollo.
Island of Ortygia- Artemis was born here.
Nymphs (Artemis' loyal followers)
Artemis' beloved hunting companion Orion foolishly claimed that he would slay all the beasts of the Earth. Gaea (the Earth) sent a scorpion to slay him, and when he fell, the grief-stricken Artemis placed him amongst the stars as the constellation Orion.
Stag- Represents Artemis' protective role in nature.
Baby Carriage- Artemis was the goddess of childbirth.
Artemis lived her life in chaste and never got married, which she always aspired to do. She valiantly led her group of huntresses, to protect and preserve the wilderness, and young women.
Fishing Rod- Artemis was very successful in fishing.
Diary Entry
....What have I done?
I knew love was a foolish affair, and yet... I gave in. And now, I've lost something I can never regain. My companion, my Orion. I'm upset with my brother, but ever more with myself. I took a vow to commit fully to my work as a goddess, without petty distractions such as love. My bow is no longer light, every time I draw, I feel myself letting loose that arrow, slaughtering the one that I held closest. Even the moon is no longer a comfort. Not when Orion shine's down on me along with it. After all of the pain, I realize how weak I had been - how foolish. Love inevitably leads to pain. Pain, is weakness. I cannot afford to be weak. The Artemis that was, is gone. Now, I can focus completely on those I have sworn to protect. On the young girls, and on the wilds that I have found home in.
The Story of Artemis
Hera (Step Mother)
In another version, it is claimed that Apollo, in his jealousy over Orion claiming his sister's affection and time, led to Orion's demise. Whilst Orion had gone to swim in the ocean, Apollo approached Artemis and made a wager with his sister. He challenged her to hit the floating object in the distance, in one shot. Artemis, filled with hubris, accepted the challenge and launched her arrow over the water, the sharp tip finding a home in Orion.

Realizing what she had done, a grief-stricken Artemis turned Orion into various stars, which she proceeded to send to the sky with her bow.
(60 Cloud/Okeanos-Nymphai)
The moon
Bow and arrow
The firstborn child of Leto, Artemis helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo on the island of Ortygia. Artemis, at a young age, asked upon her father to give her what she would need to truly be a goddess on her own. She asked to be able to keep her maidenhood, sixty daughter's of Okeanos for her choir, and twenty Nymphai handmaidens to help her around the campsites. She had recieved her trusty bow and arrows from the Kyklopes, and her five hunting dogs from Pan. One of which escaped over the river Keladon, due to Hera, whom had taken quite a disliking to Artemis - even more so after Artemis joined the Trojan War in favor of the Trojan forces.
Modern Day Influences
Wonder Woman
Not only is this famous DC comic superhero named after Diana (Roman Artemis), but she also is leader of a group of Amazons, all chaste and talented warrior women.
Image Link: (Wonder Woman)http://static.tumblr.com/e05c261e3c35b079a49e2b83702ddaa7/hitjvsv/enIn0ao5g/tumblr_static_wonder_woman-1.png
Her roman form, Diana, was referenced in the popular poem,

Romeo & Juliet

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