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Ti- Jean and His Brothers

No description

Flora Mondi

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Ti- Jean and His Brothers

Ti- Jean and His Brothers
Play as an allegory
Each brother represents a different "group" that resist colonization

Mother represents nation under oppression

Bolom (ghost) represents the people or community of that nation that was never free

The devil represents colonizers
Derek Walcott
St. Lucian, born 1930

Had an excellent education, not usually given to non-white students

Ti-Jean and His Brothers first performed 1958, at the Little Carib Theater, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Walcott helped found this theater in the 1950s

Nobel Prize winner

Borrows from Trinidaian folklore

"Deals with the Devil"

3 brothers try their wits against the devil

Only one brother triumphs

Biblical References

Family Loyalty
The Devil
Both the deceiving benevolent old man

Selfish planter/farmer

Claims to civilize even while he oppresses
The mother tells her sons to have faith

First two brothers have no faith and are defeated

Ti-Jean compares himself to David from
David and Goliath
In the contest with the devil, the first person to get angry loses

"Vexation" is equated with "savage" behavior

The Devil gets vexed and he proves that he is no better than him
By: Ranea Musekemp, David Sandman, Flora Mondi
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