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The Messengers Event

An Unprecedented Multi-Sensory Art Experience

Christian Wolfe

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Messengers Event

There are three main levels of
investment opportunities for those who are
interested in supporting this unprecedented event.

(continue further to review each opportunity in detail.)
The Event
Capital Gain
After our event's initial "live" premiere
The Messengers will begin its global journey,
traveling from one major city to another. All further tour dates & cities will be announced well ahead of
time via our international newsletters & websites.
World Tour
Buy Art
Click on all page images to enlarge to full screen.
The Vision
While the Creative Team is upholding the essential
meaning behind this event, our Networking Team will stay focused on expanding our global community, utilizing today's most current and effective social marketing tools and platforms.

Global Community
Our production & promotion structure
utilizes the most powerful marketing systems
and strategies, which are continually refined according to actual needs and trends, and are monitored via our comprehensive statistic programs.
Our Duo Structure
Apps & Widgets
Email Marketing
Quality Content
The Messengers multi-sensory event can be remembered
and/or shared via the various, museum quality commodities for sale
at each live event, as well as year round via The Messengers online stores.
The Commodities
The Team
Thomas Christian Wolfe's
distinguished career spans over
three decades with epic murals
and paintings for prestigious
clients including The California
Academy of Sciences,
The Oakland Museum,
Yellowstone Club World's
Emerald Cay, Private Island Estate,
Kenny Loggins, Sony, Disney,
Dreamworks, and many others.

His work has been described
as classical, romantic, epic,
visionary, universal, and
Christian Wolfe
Felicia Farerre
Kurt Bestor
Dan Hollings
Kurt Bestor is an Emmy-award
winning composer, who for over
30 years has composed an incredible
variety of music in a myriad of styles
and genres. From over 40 feature-length
films, 16 popular CDs, numerous television
themes, and mix of live shows, he has
established himself as one of America's
most prolific and versatile composers.
As a gifted performer, Bestor has
performed his popular holiday
shows for over 23 years to
sold-out audiences throughout
the western United States.
People from Seattle to Dallas
have enjoyed his easy-going
manner and rapport with
the audience.

Bestor has also performed internationally, conducting and
performing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Orchestra and Choir, the Estonian National
Orchestra, among others.
Felicia Farerre has delivered
her music to the world for nearly
two decades with awe-inspiring
power and depth. The tapestry of
her work has been beautifully
woven behind the glass of
recording studios from the USA
to Europe, earning her the privilege
and honor of working with some of
the most prominent writers, arrangers,
musicians, producers and orchestras
of our time. Felicia's expertise also
spans with equal finesse over to the
additional arenas of Producers,
Art and Project Direction.
Following 'The Secret', Dan's focus
has been in Social Media and Mobile Marketing.
Grads from Dan's training programs have become
industry leaders, authors, college lecturers, paid
consultants and successful mobile marketers.
Thousands of businesses from around the world have used Dan's strategies
to help them market their products and services. Whether ist's online,
offline or Mobile, many consider Dan Hollings the "go to guy" for the
best blueprints and marketing strategies on the planet.
Building our Worldwide Social Network
Foster & Kimberley Gamble (Thrive Movement)
Steve Toth (Real Coaching Radio)
Byron Belitsos (Origin Press)
Dashama Konah (Perfect Lifestyle)
Stephen Dinan (Shift Network)
Jessie Dylan (Good Life TV)
Erik Lawyer (One becoming One)
Jay Daniel (Black Cat Studio)
Mike Harmon (Private Capital Corporation)
Norman B. Ratner (Fame Wizard)
In the light of charity, a large percentage
of each event's proceeds will be granted to those
who are in need, as we find no cause more noble or compelling than to nurture the fullest potential of the most vulnerable amongst us. Our global support will be specific to the country's needs as recommended by the local population where each event takes place.
Wolfe uses the world's Top Models for extensive
green-screen and underwater video
and still photography that make up the
numerous references necessary in the
creation of the event's
mural masterworks.
In the tradition of Salon exhibitions of the
19th century, the event centers on an unparalleled exhibit of 12 larger than life mural masterworks that epitomize the archetype of angels in a virtuoso style and technique that pays tribute to the
classical masters of old.

The Music
The Film
The Prose
An equally powerful aspect of this event is the
music that will parallel each of the twelve epic murals.
The multi-sensory art exhibition is further embellished
by various films; including true stories of divinity, the universal messages of myth, as well as "The Making of The Messengers Event".

Isolde Neumann
The Art Process
Top Art Model
Holly Leedham
"Ivory Flame"
Official Websites
Christiane Isolde Neumann / Director of Marketing
Munich, Germany
email: dm@TheMessengersEvent.com
phone: +49 (6151) 71 00 33
International Headquarters
The inter-connectedness between human
consciousness and divine consciousness is the underlying message of the artwork and media of The Messengers; with the goal of inspiring hope, unity, and purpose within all who experience this unprecedented event.
The Art
The content for our global community is carefully
selected from within the rich narratives of The Messengers,
compiled from various sources within the global community,
and collected from respected mentors. All content offers insight, inspiration, and supports the overall participation, and interaction
of the global community.
Review our Social Infrastructure & Content Strategy frameworks:
Official Websites
Top Model Papis Loveday
Art Process
The same meticulous measures are taken
on every other aspect of the mural design phase, including extensive matte paintings for each of the mural's backgrounds. Wolfe's world class art team is comprised of artists from numerous countries
across the globe.
Thomas Christian Wolfe / Director
email: Director@TheMessengersEvent.com
phone: (808) 652 7100
Cristina Oliva / Public Relations
Milano, Italy
email: pr@TheMessengersEvent.com
phone: +39 (392) 5842994
By working for major brands such as Lufthansa
and Porsche, Christiane developed her keen
knowledge, and instincts regarding consumer
behavior in the field of marketing. Her earned
expertise in this apply to Social Network Marketing,
PR, Advertising campaigns and innovative
solutions for effective marketing strategies.

As a freelance marketing consultant, Christiane
has also developed mobile phone apps,
and has developed social networks for
different art, lifestyle, technical,
and architecture projects.

Christiane is recognized and
highly respected for her work
in the arena of marketing,
advertising, and public relations.
She has been featured on TV
shows, at live events, and in
newspapers interviews.
(Read further to see all that goes into the creation of this unprecendented event.)
Continuing the Experience
Here, we clearly see the meticulous attention
Wolfe puts into even just the sketches
for the mural designs.
Emmy award-winning composer and performer, Kurt Bestor, takes
us on a mythic journey, crossing all cultures in his usual heart-moving style.
Each city's live performance
will be further enhanced by key renowned guest artists from that locale.
Hilary Hahn on stage
We will share the 'behind the scenes' story of
"The Messengers," and other inspirational true stories
from various sources.
Periodic polls will be conducted to assess specific information, such as where the event is wanted most,
as well as the most deserving charity organization from
each area in which The Messengers exhibits are presented.
Free mp3 files, desktops, apps, and widgets,
will be offered on a regular basis through our official websites, blogs, and social network platforms.
Newsletter & Quotes
Weekly newsletters and daily quotes are distributed
through the structure of our extensive social network.
This outreach of daily communication creates an ongoing
dialogue between us and our community, and the ability to
keep everyone informed, inspired, and invited to participate in various special offers, contests, and customer polls. Participants
of contests and polls will be given free gifts such as desktops,
mp3 files, apps, and widgets.
Music Director
Yes, Dan headed the mega- successful Internet-
launch strategy team for "The Secret" movie. ABC
News: "The marketing campaign behind 'The Secret'
is going to go down in history as the greatest case
study of viral marketing ever done, anywhere.
Sometimes referred to as "The Mr.
Universe" of marketing, Dan Hollings'
client list has included talk show hosts,
NY Times best selling authors, universities,
businesses and one project that reached the
"Oprah show" level.
Marketing Consultant
Director of Marketing
A portion of all sales proceeds are allocated for each locale's selected charities.
As the third aspect of the event’s well designed
triumvirate, the prose is an integral and essential
companion to the murals themselves; giving invaluable
insight into the deeper emotion and meaning of the imagery.
The content of the prose will be repurposed for narrated films,
dvds, and books, which will be sold as commodities in the gift shop
at all the events, as well as via The Messengers online stores.
The Messengers Event is an extraordinary multi-sensory art experience,
which centers around twelve classically rendered, epic-sized murals that portray humanity’s integral connection with the forces of divinity. The mural works are beautifully complimented by music and prose, creating a powerful artistic triumvirate. The sheer beauty of this artistic tour de force could in and of itself earn this world-traveling exhibition global recognition. Charity is at the heart of The Messengers Event, and is a well designed key focus of the overall vision.

An Overview
The expose is a beautiful integration of art, prose, and
music, delivered together with heart, in a manner that intends to bring healing and unification to the family of man.
The Triumvirate
The Messengers is the vision of multi-talented, international muralist and director,
Thomas Christian Wolfe. He is joined by some of the world’s most prolific artists to create the extraordinary murals for this exquisite expose. The 12 masterfully rendered, epic-sized murals portray the deeper meaning of what all allegory exists to convey to humanity.
The depth and breadth of the prose perfectly supports the visual aspects of each mural. Each written expression expands the understanding of the archetypal journey of life; "The Hero's
Journey", as if were, wherein each and every one of us can be the hero of our own life’s story.
In Summary
The Messengers is a living, breathing expression of
the arts, communicating that each of us is divine, and that by
placing divinity and virtue within ourselves, rather than reaching
for it, or putting it outside ourselves, we become the guardians of ourselves, and by extension the world. As an outward expression of
these inner values, The Messengers will donate a large percentage of
it's profits to the most deserving charities of each regional tour
destination across the globe.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, "Music is the universal language of mankind." Understanding the beauty and truth of this, music will be an essential part of The Messengers Event. The Messengers original soundtrack will be performed live in specific cities, while the original soundtrack will be played via venue sound systems at all other exhibits as a part of the multi-sensory experience.
Text Editing:
Presentation Template:
"Rarely have I been so moved by
a painting than when I saw a mural by
Thomas Christian Wolfe. The depth of a
motion portrayed in oil by this modern-day master
is astounding to me and only makes me want to
marry my music to it."
~ Kurt Bestor ~
"Kurt Bestor
fills the house every time!"
~ Abravanel Theatre, Salt Lake City ~
Music & Dvds
Fine Art
Copyright 2012 Wolfe Studios. All rights reserved.
Thomas Christian Wolfe
Christiane Isolde Neumann
Felicia Farerre
Cristina Oliva
The Messengers Event
offers giftcards at all "live" events as well as
Social Network Platforms
Social Media has become one of the big
influencers in marketing, becoming an integral
part in any successful business marketing strategy.
~ Jeffrey Keith Bedrick ~
Creative Advisor

is sure to be an event
to excite and intrigue all
who appreciate beauty and
long for the days when artists

“The Messengers
could truly be dubbed ‘masters’”.
our year-round online museum store.
Stories & Contest
A contest will be conducted within The Messengers global com-
munity for the purpose of acquiring twelve non-fictional stories about
angelic experiences. All members of the global community will have the
opportunity to submit a story, with the possibility of being among the top
twelve stories selected. First prize winners will be recognized and credited
for their stories as part of a book that will be published. Second and third
prize winners will be given gifts for their submissions as well.
The Messengers official website has
been created to the highest industry standards,
and is duplicative in the world's foremost languages.
The world of advertising has been revolutionized with
the introduction of blogosphere, and social media; humanizing
brands, and influencing people through these powerful platforms.
Mobile phones have become a vital part of everyone's
life, which has turned the mobile app field into a billion dollar
industry. The Messengers Event is utilizing Mobile Apps to provide
it's global community with a free cross platform app, as well as a native
app with interactive features for sale.
To manage and expand our relationship
with our community we also offer free widgets for Windows Desktop and Mac
Dashboard. This gives us the ability to deliver our news
directly to the individuals in our global community via
their workplace, without them having to visit our Blog
or Website.
Email marketing is reportedly the second most
effective online marketing structure. The Messengers
is utilizing email marketing to provide our community with the latest news; building loyalty, trust and brand awareness.
Art Items
Cards & Paper
Our international, WordPress Blog is effective in directly, and interactively distributing all our communication via newsletters, our websites, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Apps and Desktop Widgets.
The reach of our content will extend beyond our global community through the means of publishing, broadcasting, and mass media distribution via newspapers, magazines, television, and radio.
"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
The infrastructure of The Messengers Event is formed by the cooperative
energies of over fifty people; a unified team sharing the synergistic alliance
of bringing this event to fruition. Here are some of our key players:

English: http://www.TheMessengersEvent.com
Italian: http://www.IMessaggerievento.com
German: http://www.TheMessengersDasEvent.com
Spanish: http://www.LosMensajerosEvento.com
French: http://www.LesMessagersEvenement.com
Portuguese: http://www.OsMensageirosEvento.com
[detailed advertising plans available upon request]
Trailer Music: Jo Blankenburg & Felicia Farerre
Background Music: Felicia Farerre & Trammell Starks
(over 3,000 seat capacity)
The financial sustainability of The Messengers Event relies on a sponsorship program reserved to the world's key players and brand names.
An investment of $1,000,000.00 guarantees
exclusivity and full visibility on all event billboards,
advertisements, brochures, radio & TV broadcasting,
commodities, and more, in the single nation.
Website (USA):
Click here to go to our Official USA Website:
Once established, The Messengers will be self-sustaining; traveling the globe from one major city to another, and sharing it's profits with each city's most needed charity, as determined by a voting process conducted within the communities of each locale.
An investment of $3,000,000.00 guarantees exclusivity and full visibility on all event billboards, advertisements, brochures, radio & TV broadcasting, commodities, and more, in the European continent or the United States of America.
An investment of $5,000,000.00 guarantees exclusivity and full visibility on all event billboards, advertisements, brochures, radio & TV broadcasting, commodities, and more, in the European continent and the United States of America (includes Canada).
An investment of $7,000,000.00 guarantees exclusivity and full visibility on all event billboards, advertisements, brochures, radio & TV broadcasting, commodities, and more, Worldwide. (All continents).
The budget for The Messengers Event
will be implimented in two distinct phases.
Overview of Phases
The most important phase of the project is the preliminary creative phase. This specific developmental period will include all photo shoots, both in the USA and in Europe, that will be used for the creation of all The Messengers final art work, as well as all videography; capturing all stages of development for the production, and completion of The Making of The Messengers Event film to be launched online worldwide on the various internet sites on December 12, 2012.
The preparation for the live event, such as painting, printing, and mounting
of all murals, as well as all marketing, promotion, presentation, venue,
various commodities, and all hired personnel.
PHASE ONE: The Premiere Internet Global Launch on 12/12/12
PHASE TWO: The Live Touring Exhibits starting Fall/Winter 2013
[detailed advertising plans available upon request]
Angel contributors support the event’s
charity programs in the form of money, or other needed valuable assets. In exchange each contributor will receive an informative bimonthly newsletter about the developments of the various charity programs, as well as a personalized thank
you gift for each donation. The value of The Messengers Event thank you gift will be commensurate to the amount donated.
A "buying art" investor will receive exquisite
original art pieces; sketches, giclees, or actual murals from The Messengers Event in exchange for their investment. This commercial trade opportunity does not include any form of publicity for the Investor. However, per the discretion of each investor, the names of all art buyers will appear on a dedicated page alongside the respective images of art purchased; all viewable via The Messengers
Commodities section.
A percentage of the event's profits can be
negotiated with a minimum investment of $25,000.00. This commercial exchange does not include any form of publicity for the Investor on The Messengers Event promotional platforms. However, an investor will have the opportunity to post a logo on their webpage that says “I support The Messengers Event." This logo can be a 'hot'
link, directing visitors to The Messengers
Event official website.
There are three main levels
of opportunity for those who are interested
in supporting this unprecedented event.

Full transcript