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Solar power by Andrew Fite and Leah Tunney

No description

Leah Tunney

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Solar power by Andrew Fite and Leah Tunney

Advantages Disadvantages Where is Solar Power Used Today How is Solar Power Used Resources -Solar power is renewable energy source -Doesn't convert 20% of energy - -On houses -Some solar reactions are so big it heats the sun to 10,300 degrees Written and Edited by:Andrew Fite and Leah Tunney Solar Power -10,000 times more effective -Provides warmth/ plants and animals -Expensive -Cannot provide energy 24 hours daily (dose not provide energy at night.) -Largest source of energy/earth -Collected sunlight -Energy/ photosynthesis -Heat causes water to evaporate -Used to light/heat homes -Solar power is much quieter/ silent -Can cook food -Better for the environment
-Energy uses oil makes pollution. -Can power cars -On hotels -In solar power plants -Originates from the sun -Factories -Britannica -ngm.nationalgeographic.com -Very big -The Sun won't run out -Cars -Uses concave mirrors -Stirling engines attached to generators -Provides fresh water What is Solar Power Fun Facts - -Cars -1767/ first solar collector -Google Images Why Are We Using Solar Power -Cleaner way to convert energy -Helping to clean up our ozone layer -Used by the sun so it is better for environment -Stylish and cool How Does Solar Power Work - -First the sun gives the solar panel energy that turns into an electric current -Then the electric current is given to an charge collector -Then the charge collector gives its energy to a battery -BadgerLink -Solar Energy (2 Books) -Alternatepower.org -That later gives off that solar power -After it lets it off it into the atmosphere -Creates energy -Converts light energy into electricity
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