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Community Mapping, Huntington Park

What are the assets of Huntington Park? What are the needs of Huntington Park? What do we need to know about our community?

Jennifer Sirkus

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Community Mapping, Huntington Park

Jennifer Sirkus, Ben Pae, Lia O'Neale, Christine Yang, Christian McGrail
Aspire Public Schools, Summer Residency Program, 2012 Community Mapping: Huntington Park Manny:
Ecomonics: "Things are OK here..."
Housing: Living is expensive in HP
Community: "People come here for the
small community aspect..."
Education: Had good things to say about
local public schools City Hall
Miles Avenue, Huntington Park Huntington Park Manny @ Verizon Wireless.
Jessica @ Sports Zone.
Pacific Avenue, Huntington Park Many programs for youth
1. Teen Police Academy
2. Explorer Program
3. JAR - Juveniles at Risk
4. Young Offender Outpatient Substance Abuse Program

***Majority of Programs are FREE and open to the public. Huntington Park Police Department and LA County Social Services Jessica:
Economics: Jobs are NOT easy to find.
Housing: Exspensive.
Community: "It's pretty safe and it's chill
Education: More and more people are
going back to school to earn degrees to
be able to obtain better jobs. Observations: Need: Both Manny and Jessica spoke to the challenges of economics in HP. Asset: They spoke of the small community feeling that was relatively safe. Assets: Volunteer Community Services Division - If you cannot afford your traffic violation, you can do community service with Volunteer Los Angeles.

Needs: People have little money - evictions are one of the largest problems in HP. 1st step Spark (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Community Resources in HP Services Offered: Summer Programs, an Athletic Center, Art Center, Games Room, Education and Technology Center, and a Money Matters Program for a small fee of $15 per year. Children Services:
Homework Center (in-person and online)
Family Place
Storytime Kits
Teen Advisory Board
Learning Express Huntington Park Library
6518 Miles Avenue Dance/Martial Arts Studio for Adults and Kids
Classes in both English and Spanish
Reasonably priced American Vive Foundation
2633 E. Gage Avenue County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Social Services
1740 E. Gage Avenue YMCA - Alexander Youth Center
6208 Seville Avenue Services offered (18 months - 17 years) :
Summer Camps ($35/week)
Kids Zone (Homework Help)
Dance/Music/Karate ($15-25/month)
Free SAT Test Prep
Free Workshops for Parents
MEND Nutrition Program "For Youth Development,
For Healthy Living,
For Social Responsbility" Owner: Miriam

Worked 7 years with LAUSD as a TA at Miramonte Elementary and in special education
Loved her students but found working with parents challenging

Aspire: Didn't know much about Aspire, but was curious and asked questions Salvation Army Services Offered:
Food/Clothing Bank
Emergency Food Program
(Proof of ID/Income Required) St. Matthias
Social Service Center
2780 E. Gage Avenue Food Bank - 80 to 100 people per week
Feed the homeless
Free showers
Home League
Church Services
Pay electricity in parternership with Edison
Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets Human Service Association
6422 Rita Avenue Services Offered:
Parenting Classes
Counseling/Domestic Violence Services
Senior Citizen Department Mexican American Opportunity Foundation
2677 Zoe Ave 2965 Gage Avenue Needs:
More youth programs
Return of rental assistance
Help for undocumented people (documents currently required) LA County Social Services Police Department Areas of Service: HP, South Gate, LA (Florence area), Vernon, & Walnut Park
Stats: Nonprofit that serves over 1,200 families
Documents required for services -Offers CalWORKS, Food Stamps, and Medicare.
-WIC: provides checks for healthy foods, nutrition and breastfeeding courses for Socioeconomic disadvantaged Women, infant and children.

***Fliers about programs are in multiple languages. About Kimberly:
Went to Gage Middle School and Huntington Park and South Gate High Schools
Has one child at State Street Elementary School
Has worked at Salvation Army for two and a half years
Know about Aspire only through the students who volunteer at the Salvation Army, does not know much about Aspire's educational programs and goals Offerings:
Head Start Preschool Program
Nutritional Assistance for parents with underweight children
Hardship help with for housing and food (via referrals)
Workshops (evenings and weekends): computer skills, male familial involvement, university admission, mental health, and much more MAOF Head Start What's it all about?
for 3-5 year olds
over 1,000 children served
admission by points, higher need = higher points
center-based - 5 days/wk, half & full day programs
home-based programs - 1.5hrs / wk
educational activities, free medical & dental care, healthy meals & snacks, play in a "safe setting"
special-needs children helped through partnership with LAUSD Regional centers All about Isabel
has been with MAOF for 8 years
thinks HP is not a bad area, but not a great area either
nephew attends Centennial
son in elementary, in a gifted program through LAUSD
very happy with results of this program
very involved in son's education and very concerned about placing him in the "right" middle school On Aspire
need for community outreach and partnerships with other organizations
need to present our program, to properly inform parents about their options
information she knows is via parental word of mouth
the good - focus on academic success
the bad - lack of support for students with special needs and behavorial issues Rio Hondo Boys and Girls Club
7104 Perry Road, Bell Gardens
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