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Queen Thy First Elizabeth

No description

Jacob Gaspar

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Queen Thy First Elizabeth

Who Is Elizabeth Tudor?

-Elizabeth was born to King Henry Ⅷ and Anne Boleyn
-Born September 7, 1533
-Elizabeth had somewhat of a rough childhood
-Elizabeth became Queen of Britain 1558
-Queen Elizabeth’s life ended 1603 because of an illness

Queen Elizabeth I
-Elizabeth became Queen on November 17, 1558 at the age of 25 after her Sister, Queen Mary, died
-Elizabeth was crowned 2 months later on January 8, 1559 at Westminster Abbey
-One of the first significant things Queen Elizabeth did was re-establish the ‘Church of England’

The Queen's Private Life
-Queen Elizabeth never married
-Queen Elizabeth felt that if she would marry that it would involve Britain into foreign Affairs
-The “Virgin Queen” was presented as selfless to her nation
-Queen Elizabeth spent a lot of her time focusing on her nation, but the Queen also enjoyed many things that didn’t involve her nation
-The Queen enjoyed horseback riding and was very very good at it
-Queen Elizabeth also enjoyed spending time hunting with many of her advisers

Queen Elizabeth's Politics
-Queen Elizabeth always wanted what was best for her people
-Queen Elizabeth helped grow Britain's economy during her reign
-The Queen did her best to stay out of foreign conflicts like war
-Being such a powerful influence to the rest of the world, it can be hard for Britain to be involved in world affairs
Wars also brought hardships to Britain at the time, but they were quickly finished
-Queen Elizabeth helped the poor as well as took care of those in need
-The Queen was an avid supporter of Arts and Sciences

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Elizabeth's Early Years
-Elizabeth was well educated at a young age
-Elizabeth became proficient in speaking:
-English (native), French, Greek, Latin, Spanish and Welsh
-Elizabeth had many tutors, almost all were well known educated scholars from Cambridge University
-Elizabeth adapted a love for knowledge, art, and sports
-Elizabeth also took part in many non-academic things:
-embroidery, sewing, riding, hunting, archery, music and dancing

Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Power and Politics
-The Queen was one of the first influential woman in power and politics
-Queen Elizabeth set many standards for woman in power
-This can be seen from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has been quoted on occasions that she learned many of her policies from Queen Elizabeth 1
-Queen Elizabeth also showed the importance of Helping and Guiding the people of your country
-The Queen showed the importance of being apart of your people’s lives

Queen Elizabeth the First
-Besides Elizabeth’s good education, she had a fairly rough Childhood
-By the time Elizabeth had entered her teens she had had eight mothers
-There was a lot of division and frustration in her family at this time
- At age 13 Elizabeth’s father, King Henry Ⅷ, died.
- Elizabeth was left an Orphan under control of her older Sister, Queen Mary the 1
- Queen Mary locked Elizabeth in the Tower of London at age fifteen under suspicion that she was sympathizing for protestant christians who were being persecuted by the catholic monarchy
- About a year and a half later, Elizabeth was released, just months before her Sister, Queen Mary I, died

Elizabeth's Teens
-Queen Elizabeth went from a troubled childhood to one of the greatest queens in history
-Queen Elizabeth did a lot for her country
-She influenced many things like woman in power
-Many of today’s woman political leaders have been said to have gotten many of their ways of being a leader and governing from Queen Elizabeth 1
-Queen Elizabeth also brought a time of greatness and peace to her country during her reign

Elizabeth The 1 Historical Significance
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