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Ideological square: why should we have to use it?

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Giorgio Baiamonte

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of Ideological square: why should we have to use it?

Ideological square: why should we use it?

According to Dutch linguist Van Dijk
Mitigate our bad properties and their good properties
Emphasize our good properties and their bad properties
A lot of US were beaten and tortured by police

Giulio was kidnapped, tortured and murdered

Giulio was killed by police

Giulio was "one of us"

Protesters destroyed nearly 100 police stations
they were provoked by policemen
Who and When?

The writer is a freelance journalist who works and lives in Cairo.
She worked on multiple initiatives in Cairo, one of which focused on the prevention of sexual assault of women in political spaces (
The Guardian
She wrote few days after Regeni's funeral.
To help to reflect about what surrounds us.
To see from different point of view.
To avoid being manipulated.

A clear and marked line separates us (dignified, truthful, firm and trustworthy Italians) from them (liar and weak Egyptians ruled by an ex-military President who is unable to keep his country safe and corruption free).
Focus on the "booming" relationship between Egypt and Italy that is going to be damaged by the murder of Regeni
The murder itself took a secondary place in this article
Has Italy a cultural, political, social and even religious debt to Egypt?
What does Libyan army concern with Regeni "tragedy"?
Regeni is barely mentioned in this article, however his death is an important factor that will probably harm the relationship with an important economic and political partner.
Even if his death is condemned as a "loss of a human being" by the author, it takes a secondary importance (exactly as it was announced by the title itself) in a frame of "historical relations" between two countries that shares a lot of interests together.

Corriere della Sera
Regeni's homicide news is used to emphasize the apparently solid and firm foreign policy of the Government.
The Guardian
Regeni's news is used to report a state of insecurity and fear of the ones who lives in Egypt.
Regeni's news is used to remind the economical, social, political and cultural importance of the relationship between Egypt and Italy and how it's important to find out the culprit for mutual interests.
First article: http://www.corriere.it/opinioni/16_aprile_10/fermezza-dignita-dell-italia-0effee44-fe92-11e5-9678-8403d0d80f1f.shtml
Second article: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/16/giulio-regeni-death-egypts-brutal-police-spare-no-one
Third article: http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/4/0/187789/Opinion/Egypt,-Italy-and-the-Regeni-tragedy.aspx
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