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5 Solutions for Abuse

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vivian doan

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of 5 Solutions for Abuse

Check in regularly.
Have a back up if things go wrong.
Keep emotions, hands, and thoughts to oneself.
Provide self relief.
Domestic Violence
5 Solutions towards domestic violence.
Leave when the situation grows before it gets to big to miss.
Santo, João E. Hurt Girl. Digital image. Creativeadawards. N.p., May 2005. Web. 14 May 2014. <http://www.creativeadawards.com/hurt-girl/>.
Physical abuse the use of physical force intending injures, or putting the victim at risk of being injured. This includes: pushing, throwing, tripping, slapping, kicking, hitting, grabbing, flinging, shaking, harming your pets,and or children etc.
Emotional (Verbal) abuse is any use of words, tone, action or lack of action hurt or degrade another person. Emotional abuse typically includes humiliation, frighten, or coercion.
Sexual abuse is any forced or coerced sexual act or behavior motivated to acquire power and control over the partner. It includes forced sexual contact, and contact that demeans, humiliates or instigates feelings of pity or vulnerability, particularly in regards to the organic structure, sexual functions or lovemaking.
Financial abuse is the use or misuse of the monetary resources, and finances without the partner given permission. Which include preventing the partner from working or taking their cash benefits.
Identity abuse is using personal characteristics to demean, manipulate and control the partner.
Spiritual abuse is using the victim’s spiritual beliefs or religion to manipulate them. This may include preventing the victim from practicing their beliefs or ridiculing his/her beliefs.

Did you know at minimum 1.8 million women are battered each year in the U.S. Battering is the single major cause of death to women, exceeding rapes, mugging and auto accidents. Between 2,000 and 4,000 women are beaten to death each year in the.50% of the homeless women on the streets left home to escape beatings. 80% of men who batter commit no other crime. Those are just a few of unbelievable facts about domestic violence.

There are many ways to prevent, or unearth domestic violence. You can begin with Calling any abuse services if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence.Take action personally and act against domestic violence when someone is involved, or being abused. Encourage your neighborhood watch to watch out for domestic violence as. Reach out to help someone who you think may be a victim of domestic violence and/or talk with the alleged abuser. Informed others by supporting domestic violence counseling programs and shelters. Also remember There are many resources available for abused and battered, finally departing an abusive relationship isn’t easy. The best way out is to never get in.

Avoid Abusive relationships
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