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Sail-la-vie.com: Staging the total experience for sailing holidays in Greece

Presentation of Sail-la-vie.com platform for Staging the total experience for sailing holidays in Greece at 5th InnoForum organised by Athens Information Technology (AIT) and the United States of America Embassy in Athens on 31st of May 2013.

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Transcript of Sail-la-vie.com: Staging the total experience for sailing holidays in Greece

1) request or need for change (improvement)

2) the existence of different and competing proposals / solutions

3) the availability of a competent agent of change

4) flexibility of the system to manage conflicts and adopt structural changes

5) availability of resources necessary for change

6) reasonable rewards for those who achieve success and

7) a fixed system of fair distribution of benefits resulting from innovations
B2C Experience Management Platform (Sail-la-vie)

B2Β Open Platform for Yachts Availability Management(Sail-Book)

Mobile Apps
for the B2B Platform (Sail-Book)
Electronic Navigator (Sail-Pilot)
Application for Navigation with Electronic Nautical Charts (Sail-Navi)

Web Service
for route design in online maps (Sail-Planner)
for Online monitoring and routes recording (Sail-Tracker)

Portal of Nautical Clubs (Sail-Clubs)
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
1st Step - Analyzing the World of Experiences

2nd Step – The Strategy for platform of Total Experience

3rd Step– Experience Design

4th Step –Interfaces with the Customers

5th Step – Continuous Innnovation
Experience Design
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
The progression of economic value
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services

Customer Experience
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
The economy of experience (experience economy) is a relatively recent development in economic science and the study of tourism.

Introduces new concepts and standards in order to increase economic benefits by adapting the services to specific targets.

The principles and standards of economy experiences offer many possibilities for the development of innovations in tourism to enhance both the experience and the economic value.
The Economy of Experiences
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
The Experience Economy, The Innovation,
and the Combination of the above
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
Is the use of advanced web and mobile applications in better planning and enjoying holidays

Promotes the Greek Archipelagos as a unique touristic product

Is based on the "Experience" as the new enhanced customer and marketing approach

Is directed by a new company specialized in the provisioning of Marine Tourism Experiences
What is the Total Experience ?

5th InnoForum Workshop 2013,
"The Art of Change: Innovating Our Way Out of the Crisis"
Athens Information Technology AIT


HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
The Transformation Economy
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
The Circle of Excellent Experience
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
B2C Experience Management Platform (Sail-la-vie.com)
Νίκος Καζαντζάκης
the word of poet...
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
Promoting Safe Sail
5th Step – Continuous Innovation
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
B2Β Open Platform for Online Yacht Management and Real-Time Booking
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
4th Step –Customers Interfaces
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
Greece in the World Charter for Tourism Services

Prospects of Development of Marine Tourism in Greece

The activity around the online Yacht Charter
1st Step - Analyzing the World of Experiences for Sailing Vacations
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
1st Step - Analyzing the World of Experiences for Sailing Vacations

2nd Step – The platform of "Total Experience"

3rd Step– Experience Design

4th Step –Interfaces with the Customers

5th Step – Continuous Innnovation
Implementing Experience Economy on Sailing Vacations
«Χαρά στον άνθρωπο, συλλογίζουμαι, που αξιώθηκε, προτού πεθάνει, ν’ αρμενίσει το Αιγαίο. »
Get Ready
Navigate Your Experience
in 7 Steps
Find out more about the different areas that you can sail in Greece and select your favorite ones to visit and the events to live
The Greek Archipelago
Organize the places to visit in alternative routes, discuss them with your crew team and decide on the best one to sail.
Your Routes
Search for availability, check for Quality Sails and select your preferred yacht. Search and book your flights and reserve marinas places.
Your Yacht
Get Ready,
To Sail
Sail Safely and enjoy Food and Culture. Socialize with nearby yachts and keep in touch with your family and friends with the online mobile tracking platform. In case you have problems use the 24h service “Call the Captain”.
the Sun and the Sea
Post your trip, Evaluate Yacht, Marinas and Operator Services and keep our ‘Sail Safe’ quality system accurate.
Revisit your logbook and order your favorite T-shirts. Upload photos from your mobile phone and share comments on places you have visited with your crew and friends. And why not, think of new Discoveries.
Incomparable "Experience"; the new customers' approach

In Digital World as in traditional market place, customers decisions are depending on a number of factors :

while at the same time by producing and providing specialized information for the end users
- With approximately 6.000 islands and islets and a total coastline of 16.000 Km or 8.500 nmi (half of them on the islands)

- virgin beaches, imposing mountains, archeological monuments, history and tradition impressive landscapes and the famous hospitality are some of the elements that attract visitors from all around the world in the country where democracy is born.

The Mediterranean climate is the ideal for holidays throughout the whole year.
Greek Archipelagos - A Unique Touristic Product
Almost 2 billion people have access to the Internet (32,77% of earth population on 2011 according to "World Bank").

In a Google study (2012) it is mentioned that 83% of leisure travelers use το Internet to plan their holidays.
Internet as a tool for Holidays planning
The founders of the term "Experience Economy"
The economy of experience refers to a long-term structural change in our economy, which is in progress in the last decade.

Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore were first mention the term in 1998 in an article in the Harvard Business Review and then in a book with the same title.
Is the entire experiences a customer can have with a supplier of products or services during the time of the cooperation.

The experiences have to do with all the actions of the client:
What is customer's experience ?
The Four Realms of an Experience
Integrated Nautical Services
A start up company specialized in the provisioning of IT and Tourism Services.
Hartis aims to provide advance services in Nautical Tourism and espacially in the direction of Managing the Total Experience of Sailing Vacations
By developing and providung web and mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) applications
The framework
for Designing
Transformation Economy





Local Panigiri
Sailing School
Performance at
The progression history
Coffee's Example
Example: The Birthday Cake
Innovation is a new, improved ways of doing things in practice.
The Magical Tourism Triangle
Unique Touristic Product
Potential for
ICT Implementations
Success Factors for the Experience Management

Raving Fans
Premium Pricing
-Moments Of Truth

-Brand Values

-Connecting People with Technology


-Ecosystem Approach
The Product is the Customer himself

The Greece ranks amongst the Top 10 worldwide and the first tourist destination in Europe for relaxation (Lonely Planet, 2013).

According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report (World Economic Forum, 2013), the Greece owns the 32nd position among 140 countries.

Our country ranks 25th in cultural resources and third in tourist infrastructures.
Greece is a worldwide top tourist destination
The total number of yachts in Greece is about 17,700 and their existence provides nearly 40,000 direct and indirect jobs and about 600 million euros in the National Economy.

Greece's main competitor is the Dalmatian and Turkish coast.

 The Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) has undertaken the project "Nereids". As part of this project, a total of 46 marinas will be privatized over time as part of different clusters.
Project "Νηρηίδες"
The most popular sites for online charter yachts in Greece are operated by companies based in foreign countries, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Croatia.
Online Yacht Booking
HARTIS Integrated Nautical Services
Portal of Sailing Clubs
2nd Step - The Strategy of the
Total Experience Platform
Mobile Apps
Sail-Book Mobile

Electronic Navigator

Application for Navigation with Electronic Nautical Charts
Online Berthing Booking
Download the mobile apps that will assist your safe navigation and provide you and your crew with information and useful tips during your vacations.Use also the checklists provided for last minute arrangements.
The Transformation
Commercialism vs Adaptation
The Progression of Economic Value
"Let joy be to the man who, before dying, contrives to sail the Aegean."
Nikos Kazantzakis
'Zorbas, the Greek"
The need for continuous improvement
Prospects of Development of Marine
Tourism in Greece
The main idea of the project is the creation of a primary system of basic ports infrastructure; the marinas,
assisted by a secondary auxiliary system; the moorings and the shelters, in order to create an integrated marine grid.
The Prerequisites for Effective Management
Drivers for Change
Social Media
66% of them say “I plan to spend more time researching before booking travel because finding value for my money is important to me”

64% of them say “I would like to stay at an upscale or luxury hotel if the price is right”

57% of them say “It is important to me that I recognize a brand I am considering booking travel with”.
Many companies focus their strategy in aggressive pricing. Best price guaranty had been proven effective in the past, for short periods of time.

Other companies focus on new markets, innovative products and services while at the same time they are working on putting the blocks together and build an "Experience" that is strengthen by emotions.
product characteristics, prices, availability, quality...

but the most important factors are related to the emotions that the company manages to inspire
The Design of the experience is the practice of designing products, processes, services, activities, and the right environment.
Bernd Schmitt (2003), Columbia University
"Customers' Experience Management: A Revolutionary Approach to Connecting with your Customers"
In 2004, 14.2 million people visited Greece, a number that grew to 17 million in 2010 and it is expected that visitors will reach 20 million in the coming years, almost twice the population of the country.

Approximately 85% of visitors come from Western Europe, but the number of visitors from Eastern Europe and China is constantly increasing.

Marine visitors of our country who book yachst on holiday amounts to 300000 to 400000 every year.
Arrivals and Marine Visitors
The concept of innovation

Innovation as a driving force of economic growth

Tourism as a privileged place for innovative activities
Conditions for the development of Innovation
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