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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

No description

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
What is My Little Pony?
1. an adorably adorable show about small cartoon horses.
2. strangely captivating.
3. you know what I'll just get on with the presentation. but first....

Vile Villainous Villains
These are the big bad's not the jobbers.
The show itself
The elements of harmony.
These are a group of magical items that bestow great power onto the main 6 characters of the show each one has a specific element.
sooo lots of characters to cover.
Princess Celestial
lets start with jokes.
so the hub was the channel that originally aired MLP, and interestingly they where totally cool with the fandome. so they made these.
Twilight Sparkle
book worm, scientist, big nerd all around.
element of magic.(I'll explain later)
oh right and now shes like kinda a god. don't worry it doesn't come up much.
earth pony
a bit dull, she has like no character development
lives on and operates an apple farm
element of honesty
Man there really is like nothing to say.
Rainbow dash
sporty, I mean is that how you use that term? like competitive right? hu.
a bit of a showoff
element of loyalty
Way into the wonderbolts also. Their like the blue angles but ponys. oh and she can go like mack 4. You can calculate it off her. you know what neverminde.

Pinkie Pie

earth pony
loves to party, like its actuality her job.
literally crazy she has all the symptoms of a manic state, even the hallucinations and catatonic state.
element of laughter
regularly tells the 4Th wall to eat it

lives and works out of a dress shop.
is actually a very good representation of the starving artist.(art of the dress hits it spot on ungrateful bastards)
element of generosity(though she kinda isn't)
she can magically summon up this fainting couch, to give you an idea of the character.
lives near the wood and cares for injured animals.
is Discords only real friend (we'll get to him in a second.)
is totes adores and like batman is incorruptible.
element of being my favorite and also Kindness.
fun fact fluttershy is considered by japanese fans to be an honorary citizen

God queen of Equestria
super powerful.
princess of the day
Princess Luna
Formerly exiled co ruler of Equestria.
princess of the night
The cutie mark crusaders
3 fillies who have no place in equesrian society yet and so aimless quest for there purpose.
There are lots and lots of other but jeez this thing cant go on forever, and theirs still all the villains.
Kinda neat she is the evil version of Princess Luna.
banished for a thousand years and returns in the first 2 episodes.
Queen Chrysalis

Queen of the changelings.
kinda sorta wins if you think about it.
Her design is inspired Hideshi Hino's art.
she is never named in the show and is a fan favorite villain.
He is Q
Former ruler of Equesria and god of chaos.
easily the favorite villain of the whole series.
King Sombra
Former king of the crystal empire.
I have nothing to work with here he only says crystals, some generic villain bs and arrrrrrrr .
First reappearance of a G1 villain
Has a neat setup.
Dudes real real strong.
spike also exists.
The show features a myriad of adventures from all the aforementioned characters in the mystical land of Equestria, most ending in some sort of message about friendship.
Here is a rundown of all of season 1 &2
and 3&4
So yeah that's The show but there is so much more.
For instance references.
HUB channel jokes.
Also there have been 2 Movies,
but I feel like this about that.
I would totality watch that. But onto references.
The show references several movies including the big labouski, and train spotting (that super creepy baby on the sealing where its head turns around part).
most famously it has a running character called Dr. whoovs.
OK lets get those jokes and such out of the way.lest see fat neck beard, fedora, and "my lady". Make something out of that you guys are smart. Moving on lest talk about a couple of things.
fan fiction
fanon universe
brony acknowledgment/ the comics.
Fan Fiction
So not all of this stuff is bad really, there are 2 full length fan made episodes of the show and fallout Equestria, also friendship is witchcraft.
There are lots of other but these ones jump out at me as good. Also pony.mov but last time you guys didint like shed.mov so oh well.
Fanon universe
Ok so this is a big one but I'll break it up into a couple of parts.
Community sights
Horse puns in general
20% cooler
Sweety bot
Equestria Daily
Horse news
Ok so this is a presentation in itself, but we don't have time so here is a taste.
They exist
Big one in Germany
I haven't been but apparently there like an anime con; only you know all horsey.
ok so the comics for some reason love us and have made loads of fandom references and jokes references just take my word for it this is really hard to find.
Other people reference us also though
NASA for example
and the lunar x prize
official IDW comics have that shit covered.
so i don't have to
not even kidding some of the japanese stuff ships one tree with another tree
Related to you all
see Kevin
this is scootaloo many of us call her scoot
Background pony's
these are the pony's that populate the world, the fandom has taken it upon itself to name and give a back story to literally all of them.
Cutie marks what are they
Its a symbol that appears on a young ponies flank and determines there entire future and what they will do forever. They all have a symbolic meaning and appear when they perform some feat proving what they are to do like i said before FOREVER.
The concept is actuale kinda creepy when you think about it.
Now that you guys have the background.
Also snake
that one time.
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