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Maximizing the Use of the Overhead Projector and the Chackbo

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on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Maximizing the Use of the Overhead Projector and the Chackbo

Maximizing the Use of the Overhead Projector and the Chalkboard
4.Make use of colored chalk to highlights key points.
8.Look at your board work from all corners of the room.
1. Write clearly and legibly on the board.
2. Have a hard copy of your chalkboard diagram or outline.
5. Do not turn back to your class while you write on the chalkboard.
6.Start writing from the left to right side.
3. Don't crowd your notes on the board.
9. If there is a glare on the chalkboard,a curtain on the window may solve problem.
10. If you need to replace your chalkboard suggest to the carpenter.
12.Make full the use of the chalkboard.
Chalkboard Techniques
1.Sharpen your chalk to get good line quality.
2.Stand with your elbow high.Move along as you write.
3. Use dots as
"aiming points"This keeps writing level.
11.Write SAVE on the board on if you want to use the notes for tomorrows use.
4.Make all writing or printing between 2 and 4 inches high legibility.
5.When using colored chalk, use
soft chalk so that it can be erased easily.

Overhead Projector (OPH)

Advantages of the Overhead Projector
The projector itself is simple to operate.
The OHP is used in the front of the room by instructor.
The projector image behind the instructor can be as large,clear and bright.
The stage of the projector is large(10 by 10 inches). His works appears immediately on the screen.
It is easy for teachers and students to create their own materials for the use of the overhead projector.
An increasing number of high quality commercial transparencies.
Overhead Projection Techniques
You can show pictures and diagrams
You can use felt pen or wax-based pencil to ass details.
Control the rate of presenting information.
Superimpose additional transparency sheets as overlays.
Show three dimensional objects from he stage of the projector.
Move overlays back and forth across the base.
Simulate motion parts of a transparency by using polarized light.
Simultaneously project on an adjacent screen other visual materials.

Other reminders of effective use of OHP:
Stand off to one side of the OHP while face the students.
Don't talk to the screen.
Place the OHP to your right,if your right handed and to your left,if you are left handed.
Place the OHP on the table low enough.
Have the top
of the screen tilted
forward towards the OHP
to prevent the
keystone effect.
Avoid the mistake
of including too much
detail on an image.
Avoid large tables of figures.
Dont read the
on your slide.
Avoid too much text.
Your presentation must readable from afar.
Simple use of color can add effective emphasis.
Effective Practices according to Brown:
In primary grades,simple objects can add to imagination and discussion.
In English composition lessons,students themes and writing exercises can reproduced on film.
In arithmetic
blank sheets of acetate and grease pencils can be given to selected students.
In geometry and trigonometry,two and three dimensional diagrams can built up gradually.
In physical education and team training,plays and game procedures may be analyzed.
In homeroom activities,use blank acetate in write nominations.
In primary reading class,a picture transfer transparency can be made from magazine picture.
In art classes,a teacher can sketch on clear plastic with felt pen.
In science,iron filings dusted on on a clear plastic sheet over a permanent magnet can be projected clearly to illustrate lines of force.
In social studies,all types of maps can be enlarged after accurate but easy presentation.
The progressive disclosure technique mentioned previously can be achieved.
The overlaying technique:
Placing a sheet of paper over the transparency.
Attaching strips of opaque paper to the side of the mask.
Placing over the transparency an opaque sheet.
The instructor can
guide his students through facing
his class and
observing students reaction.
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