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30 things about me

30 things about me

Me You

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of 30 things about me

30 things about me!! 2. I have a little sister 3. I have two Loving Parents 8.I am a nationlly
ranked swimmer 6.Most people dont know but im afraid of the dark xD 14.I am the most tomboyish girlygirl you will meet! haha 13.I take sports very seriously! 5.My favorite colors are blue, purple, and green 10. I love to watch movies 11.I love to eat! 17.I am Italian and Spanish 4. I am a loving person! 7.I love softball 9.Swimming is my life 12.I want to be a nurse when i grow up 15.My family is REALLY close! 16.To each her own is my moto :)
even if you dont like it someone else might 23.I dont quit. 21.I love to listen to music 19.I love to shop 22.Im not very quiet! 20.I dont like cake! 20.Or pizza 29.I love to eat fruit 32.I love chips and Salsa! 31.Chocolate is my sin food! 30.I usually have somesort of music with me rather its my ipod or phone or anything that plays music! 25.I text non stop 24/7 24.Forever 21 has to be my favorite store! 27.I love to watch dancing *breakdancing* because i know that i cant do it! so the fact that they can it is amazing! 26.I love love LOVE miss me jeans that was 30+ things about me! :) 18.Pasta is my favorite food! 28.I'm afraid of Stefen Kings IT. 28.And Clowns in general 1. I have a dog and a
Horse 33. I love Hello Kitty!
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