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Why is it important to ask questions and think critically?

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Cali Pratt

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Why is it important to ask questions and think critically?

Think Critically!
Why is it important to ask questions and think critically?
Questions lead to knowledge...
Knowledge is POWER!

Would you jump off a bridge, if someone told you to?
...Well you might, if you never stopped
to think what could happen to you if
you jumped...
Would you ever be fooled into buying a product you don't really need?
...Maybe, if you believe everything you
see and hear on T.V. and don't do your
own research.
Would you ever wear something uncomfortable just because a
celebrity does?
You might...if you let other people decide
what's cool...
Would you take medicine you've
never heard of, if a doctor told
you it was good for you?
You might, if you didn't realize that
people are getting rich off of
prescription drugs...

Fact: 61,000 deaths
19,000 birth deffects
25,000 suicides
550 Homicides
caused by psychiatric drugs every year!

Would you ever sit back and watch, as
your neighbors and friends were
tortured and killed, because your
government said it was right?
These people did!
including doctors!
including criminals in prison, where
sagging originated.
Commercials and advertisements often
tell you what they think you want to
hear and not always the truth.
or you never thought to ask why
they wanted you to jump in the first
Be this guy!
Fact: 4.4 billion is spent on prescription drug
advertisement (cchrint.org).
Would you trust, unquestioningly, a leader of your religious organization to keep you safe and look out for your well being?
You might, if you didn't realize
that priests and other religious
figures are just people; capable
of the same crimes and evils as
anyone else.
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