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Untitled Prezi

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Germy Lome

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

I was born in the hospital San Carlos in Moca Puerto Rico, but I lived in Aguadilla. Alvin A. Vélez Acevedo In Pre-Kinder My first dog Oklahoma Family I studied Pre-kinder in Frobel Bilingual School in Aguadilla. Also I celebrated my birthday. My sister and I changed school to Liceo Aguadillano, where I continued my studies. I made new friend really fast. My kinder graduation I was very proud to pass kinder garten with 4.00 average. I start liking school. When Iwas starting to grow I became
more curious. I started looking for trouble by bothering my sister. Liceo Aguadillano My childhood When I had 5 years old I moved to Moca. My first dog was named Blacky, his hair turned gray because my sister cut it. We went to visited my dad in his graduation in basic training in Oklahoma. My family is composed of 4 members.Their name are my father Alvin, my mother Zulma, and my sister Zulmarie. The hotel "El Conquistador" The best hotel I had ever gone is the Conquistador. My favorite part of the hotel is the Coqui Water Park. Germany I visited Germany because my uncle broke his leg. My family and I visited in winter season. Present I am 11 years old and continue studing in Liceo Aguadillano.This year I will graduate from six grade. However I belong to the school basketball team. My hobby My favorite hobby is collecting video games and playing it. The game I most like is World of Warcraft. My future When I grow up I want to be a soldier because I want to defend my country at all cost. Also I want to be like my dad.
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