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Knowledge Sharing


Heikal Rosnan

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Knowledge Sharing

Why Prezi?
Sharing Workshop

The Token System
The Banker
KS Poster
Post Evaluation
Make presentations private, public, or simply shared with certain people via email.
Create interesting and dynamic presentations that can be accessed anywhere from any computer
Surprise viewers with interesting reveals
Simultaneous editing can occur on one piece of work.
Embed videos from YouTube and all images into your presentation seamlessly

• To collect data, hence evaluate the participants performance
• To give a sense of reward for every activity/opportunity
• Create a mini world within the program
•Tokens (poker chips)
Multiple token values (120 ones, 46 fives, 25 tens, 30 twenties = 221 tokens, 1200 unit value)
•Token pouch
Each participant (38)
How it Works
•In short, more participation = more tokens
•Facilitators will be generous as we want everyone to have as many tokens as possible.
•Every time the facilitator hands out a token, he must record in his own check sheet the:
Participant staff number (displayed on ID tag)
Amount given
•Each participants will be given 1 tokens as starters.
•Tokens are the most valuable item in the “Iconia” world so they must be kept safe.
•They will be given tokens for
Winning games (amount differ according to the winners rank - 10,6,4)
Asking/Answering questions
Giving opinions & Helping others
Anything else the facilitators think deserves to be rewarded
The banker(s) will be responsible for data collection
•Banker will sell/upgrade items using tokens (bonus link system).
•Possible items:
•Upgrade token pouch to better pouch
•Funky tumbler
•Cool Earphones
•High quality thumbdrive
•3D ship puzzle
•Games (Uno, Rubik’s cube, Jenga)
•So they may still win the grand prize
•Token values and upgrades available will be displayed.
•However, purchasing upgrades will not affect their total collected token values as the data is already recorded in the system
KS Certificate
KS T-Shirt
KS ID tag
The token distribution data that we collected per slot will then be plotted into a graph
The graph will be analysed and compared to pre evaluation data.
The result will tell us their areas of improvements (participation).
Opening Ceremony
En Kassim will give a short speech during the opening ceremony
The event will be officially launched when En. Feisal pull the string.
Low budget - Rm 3172
High budget - Rm 5486

Colourful stickers vs Name tags
1 piece photo vs 2 pieces photo (group & individual)
No shirts vs tshirt/polo shirt
Non redeemable vs redeemable tokens
Office laptop vs macbook
Decorations (extra allocation of RM100 for miscellaneous expenses)
Aim : To get the best out of the budget

Brainstorming done without considering the budget.
To remove limiters to creativity
Resulting plan is then matched and reduced
2 plans emerged (low-high).
Actual budget expected to be somewhere in between.
Thank You
Event Flow
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