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Teenager Behavior

An infographic look inside teenage media consumption.

Chris Panetta

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Teenager Behavior

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Teenager Media Consumption
Chris Panetta

71% have a TV in the bedroom
33% have internet access in bedroom
29% own a laptop computer
66% own a cell phone
Average 57 text messages sent per day
59% own a handheld video game
50% own video game that hooks to TV
47% play video games w/ people they know offline
Average spending 1:13 on video games
Average spending 1:35 per day sending text messages
Average spending :22 on social networking sites
Average spending :33 talking on a cell phone
49% have cable or satellite TV in bedroom
Play me!
How much time is spent?
80% of parents who use social media and also have a child who uses social media have friended their child.
56% of 13-14 year olds say they "
hate it
," are "nervous" or "annoyed" when their parents friend them on social networks.
95% of 12-17 year olds are internet users
Teen social media users comprise 76% of ALL those ages 12-17
76% Own iPod/MP3 player
up from 18% in 2004
64% of teens say TV is usually on during meals
62% of teens with social media profile set to private so only friends can see content
17% have profile set to public
Chris Panetta
Email: cpanetta77@gmail.com
Twitter: @cpanetta77
Prezi: prezi.com/user/cpanetta
Teens watch almost 2X as much mobile video as other mobile viewers
A look inside the lives of America's
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