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5.09 Writing Your Argument

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Jasmyne Mehrten

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of 5.09 Writing Your Argument

Body Part 1
Body Part 2
I. Introduction
II. Counterclaim
A. Present counter point A
B. Refute counter point A
C. Present counter point B
D. Refute counter point B
III. Claim
A. Present point A
B. Support point A
C. Present point B
D. Support point B
Books are being banned throughout the world and kept from people being able to read them.

I believe by banning books it creates a very negative effect on children and even eliminate some life lessons for students.
Going through life without the knowledge of what's on the outside besides "rainbows and unicorns" can be detrimental, as kids won't be able to handle life too well once they're out in the real world, because they were raised and kept away from the "bad things" in life. Many people do what they think is right for children even though sometimes it's the wrong things they're "helping" them with.
Society thinks that because some books have suggestive content and profanity they need to be banned.

In my opinion
leaving in the negative parts can teach children what not to do or say. Books also shouldn't be banned because it is a way people can escape that moment of time into another reality and escape from their problems.
Some people believe books should be banned from society
, because some books have profanity. There is vulgar language and people cursing just at the grocery store, (1) children know this type of language and (2) parents are the ones that are supposed to teach them what's right and wrong to say. "No one person or group should decide what should or should not be read"-Konrad, Kelly. "Banning Books Is Bad. And Let Me Tell You My Top 5 Reasons Why...".
Another reason
they think books should be banned is because of suggestive content that may encourage inappropriate behavior in children. Society believes they should keep children away from "inappropriate" things to keep them "safe", but (3) they don't realize they're just keeping them from life and it's going to be hard for them when they're on their own and facing real life.
In my opinion books should not be banned
because it takes away reality people can escape to. (4) Some people, including children, may not have a good life and need to escape and get away from their life for awhile. This can apply to school even, for example, if a child doesn't have many friends they can take out a book and have time pass by feeling like they're part of something.
Another example
is (5) "literature is art" -Konrad, Kelly. "Banning Books Is Bad. And Let Me Tell You My Top 5 Reasons Why...", it's a way people can express themselves, and banning books would be taking away someone's way of expressing themselves. Taking away that way to express themselves is like taking away their ability to speak and communicate, and it'll make it hard for that person day to day because they can't express themselves. Expressing through writing is the same as expressing through paintings or singing.
5.09 Writing Your Argument
By: Jasmyne Mehrten
2. Paste your completed introduction and body paragraphs in the space below. Then, analyze your writing using these keying techniques:
Label the claim and counterclaim in your introduction. Are they supported by the evidence in your body paragraphs?
Find your topic sentences and underline them. Are your points stated in clear topic sentences?
Number each piece of evidence. Do you have solid evidence that supports your points?
Highlight each transition. Are your ideas connected by transitional words, phrases, or thoughts?

Claim -
Counterclaim -
Topic Sentences - underline
Pieces of Evidence - (1) numbered
Transitions -
3. Look for any areas you can make improvements. Ask yourself:
Is my information clear and easy to follow?
Did I use enough transitions to keep my speech flowing from one idea to the next?
4. Try reading your body paragraphs aloud to see how they sound. If you find places where you need stronger support or your ideas need a smoother connection, go back and make revisions.
5. Wrap up your argument with a strong conclusion. Remember, in the conclusion, you tell your audience:

"what you told them" but briefly
remind them of the importance of your topic
restate your claim addressing any counterclaims

In conclusion, books are being banned because people think they're keeping children "safe" and "innocent", when in my opinion they are just babying them, and keeping them away from the real world. Children need to learn how to make their own decisions in life for what is right and wrong. Books are important because they're ways for people to express themselves, a way for people to escape reality when in hard times, and a way to gain knowledge, that shouldn't be taken away from people. In my opinion books should not be banned because it takes away reality people can escape to, no matter if it has some profanity or suggestive content that's how real life is, it makes the story more realistic, and that helps the person get more invested into the story and easier to escape into another world.
IV: Conclusion
Works Cited:
"Banned Books Week". Banned Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read. American Library Association, 21 Sept. 2005. Web. 2 Nov. 2014.
Konrad, Kelly. "Banning Books Is Bad. And Let Me Tell You My Top 5 Reasons Why..." My Top 5 Reasons Why Banning Books Is Bad. Chicago Tribune, 16 Mar. 2013. Web. 2 Nov. 2014.
Body Part 1 & 2
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