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I3W3D4 Friday

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 3 September 2016

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Transcript of I3W3D4 Friday

Mental training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
"We are E4CC, We are the best"
What are your goals?
What are you doing to achieve them?
You are very successful!
Mistakes are part of the process for success!
"Today is a great day"
"I am very successful"
"Mistakes are good"
1. "Authority position"
Grammar review
Your coach will explain to you the following grammar chart. Pay attention
Work in couples and tell the process to celebrate each event.
Grammar test
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
Fluency diet review
Review stars/goal/melody and have all students practice the repetitions
Sell something to the class
Make groups and prepare a service about parties, then go to the front and sell the service, the best service will be chosen by the students.
- Party time

Pair up and answer the question below. Then share your answers with the class
Video technique
Watch the following video and answer the questions below
Grammar test
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
Have you ever organized a party? If not, how would you organize a party for adults?

What do you need if you are having a BBQ at home?

When do people have parties?
Children's birthday party
Sweet 16 party
Pretend that you work at ''Las Gardenias'', a company that offers Party Planning service. Sell the best party plans you have.
Why did the guy call the girl? Explain

What would you do if you were in the situation where you don't remember what happened last night?

Why did Mike Tyson hit the guy?
Wh questions
How long...?
How many...?
How much...?
How often...?
Linking words:
First, First of all, at the beginning, then, after that, later, however, therefore, as soon as, in the meantime, suddenly, at the end, finally.
What would you do if you only had one day to live?
45 seconds non-stop
10 repetitions each
Choose the correct answer
1. I have ___ the ball.
a) catched
b) caught
c) catches

2. She ___ wainting for her food.
a) haves been
b) have been
c) has been

3. The dogs have __ very fast.
a) run
b) runned
c) ran
4. Have you ever __ a lie?
a) telled
b) said
c) told

5. ___ they learned the lesson?
a) haved
b) had
c) have
¿Han ellos bailado alguna vez?
Hemos felicitado al profesor por su cumpleaños.
¿No has visto mis llaves?
¿Por qué no nos has respondido?
El bebé ha dicho su primera palabra.
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