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Do you Think that Football Players are Overpaid?

Are football players overpaid? Yes! They get paid millions of dollars a year just to play a game!

Nicholas Edelen

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Do you Think that Football Players are Overpaid?

Are Football Players Overpaid?
By: Nicholas Edelen
They get paid so much compared to the "important" jobs in the economy like techers, firefighters, and doctors.
Peyton Manning - $96 mil/5 years
Nadamukong Suh - $114 mil/6 years
Middle school teachers average - $53, 430/year
Firefighters average - $48,270/year
Some people believe football players salaries are fair.
depends on position
depends on how good you are
risk of injury
role models
some not paid well
Russell Wilson - $3 mil/4 years
revenue went from 50/50 to 53/47
players get paid based on revenue produced for team according to Mr. Smith
Interesting Facts
Adrian Peterson - guaranteed $12,750,000 for 2015 even after what he did
Highest paid football player ever - Peyton Manning made $229.7 mil in 17 seasons
Thanks for Watching!
They get paid so much while making no real impact on the world.
Even though some people believe
their salaries are fair, football players are overpaid because they are receiving large salaries while making no real impact on the world, and they get paid so much compared to the "important" jobs in the economy like teachers, firefighters, and doctors.
Dave Smith - former NFL player
bad impacts on the world
Adrian Peterson - whacked his son with a stick
Ray Rice - punched his fiancée in the head
Mike Vick - makes dogs fight to the death
Jovan Belcher - committed domestic violence
Jay Cutler throws way too many interceptions while getting paid so much.
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