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Navigating the World of Financial Aid

No description

Rachel Fassl

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Navigating the World of Financial Aid

Navigating The World of Financial Aid
What is Financial Aid
2015-2016 Calumet New Tech
How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?
Dream Act Students complete the
Dream Act Application


Dream Act students are eligible for State Aid.
Need to complete the AB 540 form
May need to show high school diploma

I'm lost already!
Aid Night
What happens next??
21st Century Scholarship
March 10th
1. Earn 2.5 GPA at time of Graduation
2. Correct FAFSA by May 15th
3. Apply to eligible IN college & maintain IN residency
4. Enroll as a Full Time Student
5. Complete 30 Credit Hours in first year

State Resources

- Helpful Tips
- Grade Specific Checklists
- Worksheets

Free Money!

1. Grants

2. Scholarships

Self Help!
1. Student Employment
Federal Work Study
(a job on campus)
2. Student Loans
You have to apply separately, and you have to qualify
(Student Loans Must be Paid Back!)
Let's Start with an Overview
- fastweb.com
- cappex.com
- zinch.com
- scholarships.com
- careerinfonet.org/scholarshipsearch/

General Scholarship Search Tools
(you don't have to pay it back.)
US Citizens & Documented Students = FAFSA
FAFSA - Go to FAFSA.gov
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Documented Students are eligible for Federal and State Aid
- The Indiana College Costs Estimator calculates your personal cost of attending any Indiana college after financial aid

-Compare your expected out of pocket expenses at each Indiana college

There are two types of "Financial Aid"

You can receive PELL GRANTS until:
90 attempted degree units at a community college
(W, F and repeat units count!)
6 full time semesters
(This is TOTAL, and includes after you transfer.)

Scholarship List
Does financial aid run out?
Wednesday, February 24th
Assistance completing FAFSA
- Affirmation
- File your FAFSA

Other Requirements...
Visit their website
for a list of local scholarships
College Goal Sunday
Sunday, Feb. 21
Purdue Calumet
@ 2pm
Student Union/Library Room 201

*bring parent's Tax return information
Monday, December 7th @ 5pm
CNTHS Auditorium
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