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dwayne hodgson's cv as a prezi

click on the triangle below to "ride" my cv

Dwayne Hodgson

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of dwayne hodgson's cv as a prezi

dwayne hodgson's cv
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M.A. International Affairs (Development Studies)
Carleton University
Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science
McMaster University
coordinated research, advoacy + public engagement activities for coalition of 22 CSOs working for Education for All
Global Learning Partners
designed + facilitated train-the-trainer + community development courses
CRWRC Tanzania
supported 5 partner organizations in their community development, relief + social justice programs
Freelance Consultant with:
International Development
Research Centre (IDRC)
Canadian Coalition on Climate
Change & Development (c4d)
IDE Canada
Parks Canada
World Vision Canada
Canadian Teachers' Federation
Canadian Foodgrains Bank
The Natural Step Canada
Save the Children Canada
Centre for Intercultural Learning
Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Conducted research on community-based poverty reduction strategies
Bytowne Urban Gardens (BUGs)
Co-founded + coordinated a community garden in downtown Ottawa
Certified Dialogue Education Teacher
Global Learning Partners
Dialogue Education approach to
learning design + facilitation
project design, monitoring + evaluation using RBM + alternative methods
organizational development
+ strategic planning
meeting facilitation + consensus decision making
creative use of IT + social networking tools
global experience
what i do...
dynamic, participatory & effective workshops, online learning, & conferences that support individual and organizational learning.
meetings, visioning and planning processes that build consensus and get things done
coordination of virtual teams

canada / tanzania / zambia / kenya / uganda / rwanda / malawi / mozambique / austria / usa


south africa / namibia / swaziland / ireland / lithuania / denmark / uk / usa / vancouver to san francisco by bike
+1 613 761 9437
The Natural Step Canada
managed public,"Sustainability for Leaders" courses.
providied learning design & facilitation support to other staff
welcome to my CV! click on the arrows (bottom right) to take a "tour" OR click on any element to "zoom" in
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