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Free Verse Poem

No description

Jim Vo

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Free Verse Poem

What is Free Verse?
Def- Poetry without a regular rhyme scheme or meter. It's mostly used in music to express a certain feeling or emotion.

Meter is a pattern of stressed syllables and unstressed syllables.
Ex: [
] is stressed because you pronounce it louder,higher pitch, with a longer duration.
] is the unstressed because you pronounce it faster and at a lower pitch.

Poetry Project: Free Verse
What is a rhyme scheme?
The ordered pattern of rhymes between lines of a poem
Most poets use rhyme schemes to give poems a fluid effect.

Ex: I don't like them in a

I don't like them with a

I don't like them near my

So please stay away or I have

to build a

Purpose of Free Verse
is to express one's feelings without the limitations of rules and rhymes

Ex: Sonnet and Haiku relies on rules of writing
Sonnet- 14 line Haiku- Limit of 3
Quadrands lines
10 syllables

Another year gone (a free verse poem.)
Is it just me or does time seem
To move faster the older you get?
It almost feels like the world is
Moving too quickly and I must
Move with it or be left behind,
For the world waits for no man
I can remember back to when
I was much younger than I am now it
Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?
Perhaps it does, but I’m not certain
I can remember things, things that
Seem like they happened yesterday
But they don’t seem real somehow
The person in those memories is not me
Well, at least not the me that I am now
I have changed, the endless march
Of time has made sure of that but
I am not sad and I am not bitter
I have become a husband and a father,
And because of those precious gifts
I long to know what other beautiful things
I may become with the turning of the world;
But even the wonderful blessings which
May come in the years ahead make the
Speeding of time no less strange or frightening.
J.A McManus

some free verse poems have internal rhymes
No rhyme scheme/ meter
"Rebel Poem" does not follow any set of rules
mostly freedom of speech
Commonly used in music
Can be unlimited lines
often tells a moral or theme
How does the poem capture
the idea of free verse?
This poem expresses the feelings of
the author that time is really valuable,
time is moving too fast, and every
moment should be enjoyed until the
final drops are gone.
Ex. "After the Sea Ship"
By: Walt Whitman

By: Aaron Schoettger,Bryan Banh, Jimmy Vo, Vincent Tran
Internal Rhyme
In poetry, internal rhyme, or middle rhyme,
is rhyme that occurs within a single line of verse,
or between internal phrases across multiple lines
Thanks for listening!
I went to
to buy a
I took the
and it wasn't
Why is free verse
so special from others?
some poems seem to always limit an author's words and seem to rush them to get the point of the poem, but in free verse, you can elaborate ideas and to fully express what you feel on that said idea
Wings to Freedom
We are only birds
Caged behind bars called slavery
To sing only when told
To walk only when told
We cannot fly without the wings called freedom
All we can do is sing for our heart's content
And pray for a miracle
For that day for the door to open
We will pick up our forgotten wings
And soar back
Back to our lives
Back to our future
Back to our freedom
But for now, we will stay as caged birds
The Idea of
Wings to Freedom
the poem tries to elaborate the idea
of slavery by relating to a bird being trapped in a cage
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