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Cashin Family Tree-by Fiona

No description
by Fiona Cashin on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Cashin Family Tree-by Fiona

Fiona Cashin John J. Cashin 1826-1879 Mary Collins 1828-1910 John and Mary were born in Tipperary, Ireland, as was their siblings. John immigrated in 1840 to New York and Mary immigrated in1846. In the 1850s, they were in Charleston, where they got married. There, they had 12 children and moved to Augusta, Georgia by 1952. William E. Cashin 1857-? Eleanor Cashin 1856-? George Chapman Kids -Leroy
-George Agres Cashin 1863-? Antone Renkyl Kids -Luis
-Antone Mary Cashin 1861-? Joanna Cashin 1868-? Daniel J. James Cashin 1870-? Mary Hennessey Kid James Jr Tomas Cashin 1865-? Mary O'Brien John J. Cashin 1859-1930 Anne Cashin 1872-? William Rooney Elen Masher 1862-1952 Kids -Thomas
-Helen Cashin Family Rebecca Cashin 1887-1967 James Mulligan Kids -James Jr.
-Helen Mary Cashin 1890-? Charles Hooper Kid Charles John J. Cashin Jr. 1892-1964 Norma Markwalter Kids -Carolyn
-Dorothy Eleaner Cashin 1894-1895 Eleaner died when she was one
year old. Genevieve Cashin 1894-1985 At one time, Genevive was
engaged to a soldier in
World War 1. Unfortunently,
he was killed in action, so she
never maried in her life. Edward J. Cashin April 29, 1899-December 10, 1978 Margret O'Leary "Papa" December 6, 1898-Febuary 15, 1987 "Barba-De" Since Barba-De was older than Papa, she didn't want anyone to know her age. So nobody knew how old she was until she was 65, when she got a fishing lisense, sent out to everyone when they were 65. Stuart A. Cashin April 29, 1899-1971 Jessie Porter Stuart was twins with Edward(Papa). Kids William A. Cashin 1901-? Sara Mulherin Kids -William A.
-Joseph Edward Joseph Cashin Jr July 22, 1927-September 8, 2007 Margret Cashin August 6, 1930-November 2012 Katherine Cashin August 6, 1930 -Twins with Margret "Kay" "Margie" Twins with Daniel
(Kay) Daniel Joseph Cashin October 25,1933-March 21, 2008 Julie Grant Cashin August 5, 1939 Robert A. Cashin August 20, 1936 Eleanor June 23, 1940 Daniel Joseph Cashin Jr. July 12, 1961 Carol Cashin Ettenson December 25, 1962 Edward Joseph Cashin Grant Michael Cashin Sr. Kathy Cashin Kids -Nicole Cashin
-Danny Cashin
-Kelly Cashinn
-Claire Cashin Robert Ettenson Kids -Eric
-Andrew November 12,1966 May 10, 1970 Grant is an archetect and a builder. Jami Lyn Cashin January 24, 1969 Jami is a teacher Kids May 25, 2004 "Ted" -Stuart A. Jr
-Ann "Grandaddy" "Gramalie" Grant Michael
Cashin Jr. Fiona
Cashin The Cashin Family Tree By October 28, 2001 The arrow points
to Tipperary, Ireland, where John, Mary, and their siblings were born. Lawrence Cashin Child of the immigrants This map is of New York, where
John immigrated to. Later, they moved
to Augusta,
Georgia and had
their 12 kids. This is where the
rest of the family mostly stayed. The yellow stars point to Atlanta and Athens where a lot of the family stayed also. And finally, here is me Julie Cashin Here is Julie Cashin and her brothers and sisters. Julie Margret Cashin Catherine Cashin After moving to New York,
they traveled over to Charleston, South Carolina where they had
their children. Child of John Cashin Stories... 1.Margret O'Leary
5.Bob Since Barba-De was older than Papa, she didn't want anyone to know her age. So nobody knew how old she was until she was 65, when she got a fishing lisense, sent out to everyone when they were 65. Family Told by Fiona Fiona Margret O'Leary Grandaddy Told by Jami Cashin I remember for Grandaddy's 70th birthday somebody
went around and asked questions about Grandaddy
like, "what is a story about him?" and, "what actor
does he remind you of?" It was really neat hearing
about what everybody had to say about him. One of my favorite memories was of the father's
day skit. All of the fathers got on stools withe a
sheet over their front with little sewn on
baby outfits. The mothers got behind them and
acted as their arms. Danny read the script and
they had to put on lipstick and eat. Uncle Bob was
Papa Bear, my dad was Mama Bear, Uncle Jeb
was Baby, and Uncle Ted was Goldilocks. It was really funny because they did not know it was cumming, but then they tried to be funny. It is a memory that I will not forget. Marie Anne Cashin Kids Eddy Mary Julia Amy Milette Victor Charlie Meg Elliot Jack "Captain Jack" Kids Harvey Patricia Steven Tommy John Peggy Rene Sam Kate David
Ben Patti Meghan
Joseph Dan Lucy Neil by Michael Cashin My story is about when I loved when my sister,me and my friend, Atticus, went to the river on the rope swing. I liked it because it was so fun.You swung on the rope swing and landed in the water. It was fun doing it with my sister becausewe went so high. I remember having a bamboo spear fight with Michael O’Connell in the Rushing’s backyard (on the northwest corner of Glenn & Helen). Someone had cut the bamboo at a sharp angle and piled them on the sidewalk on Helen Street. We started throwing them across the street and sticking them up in the ground (pretending we were hunting big game). After a while that got old and we divided up the spears and I got on one side of the street and he got on the other and we started throwing them at each other. you had to anticipate the moves of your opponent and throw in the direction you thought he would run. There was a lot of faking and dancing around and we got where we could catch the spear in mid-air and throw it back real quick. All of a sudden I took my eye off Michael to reach for a spear on the ground and I took a hit in the right wrist. The spear went under the skin for about three or four inches and I could see the point and the end of the spear in my arm. Continued... I tried to pull it out and it was stuck and it hurt to pull at it. I took off toward 1314 (Glenn Avenue) with the spear dragging along behind me. Michael caught up with me and said, “You can’t go home with that spear in your arm, your Mother will kill me.” He held my wrist and pulled the spear out at the same time. Blood squirted everywhere and that scared both of us worse than the spear. We ran on to the house screaming and yelling and Grandmother O’Leary was the only one home. She came out and met us in the front yard. She wrapped a handkerchief around my wrist and took me in the bathroom under the stairs and washed the cut for a half hour. She put some medicine on it and then some gauze and taped it up real tight. I went back out and played a different game and everybody admired my bandage. I’ve still got about a one inch Y shaped scar on my right wrist. Poor Grandmother. Story by Bob Cashin Continued on the next slide
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