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Advertising Agency (Profile)

No description

Usher Usher

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Agency (Profile)

Advertising Agency (Profile)
Name of our Advertising Agency
Blue Apple Communication
Our Team
Hamza Naseer
Shamail Butt
Abdullah Ejaz
Our Electronic & Print Portfolio
Established over three decades ago there is a lot which defines the company itself.
Achieving so many awards of excellence and by APNS we have carried the journey along.
The core idea is brains working together for the transformation. Individually its difficulty to achieve.
Prime Locations : Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar
Clients Feedback The foremost Priority
Confidence comes with Clients
Leading Brands as the Clients
Dedication , Passion, Growth and Confidence
Involved in CSR's

Fulfill the customer needs
Customer satisfaction
Achieve our goals within given time
Our work reflects the best possible solution
Keep our clients satisfied
Be the best consultant for our clients
Keeping the core values of our consultancy up-high
Services Offered
Complete Advertising Campaign of your product/ service. This includes TVC, Radio Advertisements, Billboards, Print ads etc.
Social Media Campaigns to promote your product/ service
Interactive and latest methods to enhance creativity and interest
Campaigns are designed keeping in mind the habits of the target audience preferably a common man.
Offer advice in pricing strategies
Suggest a suitable name to the product

Latest Events and campaigns designed
Election 2013 :- The latest general elections of 2013 can be termed as the elections of creativity. Political Parties gave extra importance to the election campaigns and the way they are being showed to the public.
Handled all the advertising campaign of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaaf ( PTI) which included election songs, TVC and other advertising sources

Master Paint Ad campaign

Q Mobile ad campaign

Peak Freans
Jublie Insurance
Faysal Bank
G FC Fans
Fm 91
TV One
Cross Roads
Urban Sole
Mountain Dew

Due the fast moving and dynamics, we provide you the things you want.
Our work is totally based upon market research and creativity
We take customer feedback and make it more popular among people
Effectively convey your message to the customers in a cost-efficient way.
Thank you!
Blue Apple communication
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