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radiology information

Kristen Smith

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Radiology(:

Radiology Radiologic Technicians role in the hospital is to provide diagnostic imaging services as a consultant to physicians in every specialty Radiologists take pictures of your body with xrays, MRI's, ultrasounds, computed tomography (CT) and other machines technicians- "x rays"
technologists- MRI's Making sure both the patient, and the equipment are prepared for the examination is the most important priority. They do come in contact with the
patients. Patients are as wide spread from broken foot... To Cancer!! Some of the devices used are:
Computed Tomography- (CT)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging- (MRI)
Position Emission Tomography- (PET)
Whole Body Scanning
Ultrasound You have to recieve a degree from an accredited medical school to become a radiologist. You also need to pass a license examination, and a residency of at least 4 years Radiologists need to know every part of the body, including organs, bones, tissues, and ligaments etc. Kristen Smith With additional training they can specialize in specific feilds of radiology. Sources Cited:
google images History Schooling Pay
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