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No description

Mehmet Aydın

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Fikirler

filodanal.com Our business idea is to provide passenger and commerical vehicles to the middle-class costumer by paying less than their usual price. While we're supplying them cheaper cars, we just demand extra time. = There is a huge demand to cars in Turkiye, thanks to increasing economy and developing highways. But,
Because of high taxes and high price of automobiles everybody are not able to have a car even if they NEED! We are trying to solve this problem. In our website certain number of a car of a brand will be offered to the costumer in a limited time period by up %5 to %10 lower price. Who would not want to their desire car by paying less? HOW After having a mass demand, by the discount of fleet sale we are buying the cars. First of all, on the website we are literally collecting the demand. 1 2 3 ... 49 50 - - - In the fleet sale we have taken %5-%10 discount for the different car brands and models. Even tough the costumer buy car by retail, they will have chance to pay by wholesale price. Our revenue will be up %1 to %3 commission from the sales. Barıs Can Dede (The BOSS) & Mehmet Aydın (Laborer)
Cem Durmaz (Chaser Kid) & Onur Yağcıoğlu (Scrounger)
Nail Furkan Güçlü (Ghost) Thank you for your attention!
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