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Teacher Assistant

No description

Joellyne Evaristo

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Assistant

Teacher Assistant
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Education & training
All the education that you will need to be a teachers assistant all starts with high school. Once you graduate you take a 2 year program at a community college to receive a Certificate in teacher assistant.
Some reasons why I could be a teacher assistant
I like the fact that i have a long vacation
If my kids (if i do) come to the school I'm working at i could ensure that they are safe
I could spend time with my family (if i do) more
A great pay to get per month
I like to teach younger kids
Thanks for watching
What does a teacher assistant do?
The teacher assistants main objective is to help the teacher with tasks that the teacher might not have time for including:
Still not sure?
Being a teacher assistant may not be for everyone. But if you think you have qualities
of a leader, like to be at school and enjoy working with children/adults, I think that
this is the job for you.
typing out important handouts
helping students with their work
prepare materials for the classroom
helping out at other activities ( after school programs & summer school)
supervise classrooms at snack & lunch breaks
Why is this job important?
This job is important because teachers and teacher assistants help students like us, to learn how to be successful in life. Teachers and teacher assistants provides the education we need to get jobs. Without teachers and teacher assistants and education, we can't afford our dream home or have our dream jobs.
Transferable Skills
Once finished that, you take courses in remedial reading, mathematics, art, psychology and education theory. You spent your summers working in a camp for developmentally delayed children. Pursuing a degree as a special educator while working.
Here are some skills that you will need for this job:
excellent communication skills
Patient, creative, organized
Sensitive to the needs of others, good at motivating even the most difficult students
work well on a team, understand written and spoken directions
understand learning strategies, have good computer skills
Can adapt materials to fit the
Being a teachers assistant gets a
pay of $2,750.00. (According to sheet Mr.Yoshiki gave)

A teacher assistant works
for about 37.5 hours per week.
Which is about 5 hours per day.
Being a teachers assistant gives
4 weeks of vacation plus the school
vacation of 2 months.
By: Joellyne
Any questions?
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