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Greek Pottery

A presentation for 4/5 grade introduction to Greek Pottery

Kaycie Peck

on 31 December 2011

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Transcript of Greek Pottery

Ancient Greek Pottery
Red Figure
Black Figure
Styles & Shapes of Ancient Greece
Your Project
1)pick a vessel
2)draw the "clay"
3)trace & cut vessel
4)paint the "underglaze"
5)write the vocab
IN your second vessel
black painted designs on red clay
red clay is left 'red'
figures or PEOPLE are painted in black
started with black glaze then images etched into red clay
later, just the background was painted in, with small details in the figures
This is the kind YOU will make today!
this is an amphora!
-mainly shapes & lines
-but some figures & stories
-very abstracted
stories depict:
daily life
historic battles
Ajax & Achilles playing dice
this is a bell krater!
also an amphora!
Forms & Function
-*narrow neck
-large belly
-small foot

*used for
-wide mouth
-large belly
-foot < mouth
-for mixing/making
-small neck
-big belly
-for carrying water
-3rd handle to pour
-tall and narrow
-smaller size
-for oils used
in funerary
-2 handled cup
-used at a
parts of a vessel
Greek Mythology
Etching the images
Next Week
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