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Girl, Stolen Book Report

My CA Book Report 1

Ashlyn Bunch

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Girl, Stolen Book Report

BY: April Henrey Girl, Stolen Published: December 1st Henrey Holt and Co. Sixteen-year-old girl Cheyenne Wilder has been kidnapped by Griffin. Griffin did not mean to
steal Cheyenne. He had
just wanted the car. Cheyennes step mom had been in the pharmacy they were parked at getting the girls antibiotics while Cheyenne was getting kidnapped.. Cheyenne has pneumonia and is blind from a terrible accident. When Griffin realizes that a girl is laying down in the backseat of the car he had just stolen, he has no idea what to do. He got really nervous when she told him she has pneumonia and that she is blind. where's this story happening at you ask? The story takes place in a car, a little house, a barn and a bigger house. It mainly is in the little house which is Griffin's house. In the book, it had said the house was a messy place that was small. Now let's get into the characters. She has black hair and huge brown eyes. Griffin had thought she was pretty. She had seemed like she had known exactly what to do in the situation. I think that the way the book described her she seemed smart and was always thinking, escape, I have to escape. Obviously, there is Cheyenne, who is the main character in the story. The book has described him to be five foot eleven and one hundred seventy pounds. he also has dark hair and a big nose. Cheyenne had guessed about this and had been correct. he also has a big red scar wrapped around his neck. Also there is Griffin, who had kidnapped Cheyenne. Another main character. Roy is Griffins dad. He thinks that he is most important and that he is got everything in control when he doesn't. Tj and Jimbo are workers for Roy. Jimbo is not a big character but he seems to think he is in charge. Tj is also not a big character but has some scenes that he is very involved in. Tj also lets Jimbo get in his head and thinks he is cool if he does what Jimbo does. Some more characters are Roy, Tj, and Jimbo Danielle is Cheyennes step mom. She is very sensitive. She is also a nurse and very smart.
Nick, Cheyennes dad is the president of Nike the brand. He is willing to do anything to get his little girl back. He is determined to keep her safe and alive. There is also Danielle and Nick Wilder. Duke is a very aggresive dog. He will only let Roy or Griffin feed him and barks at everyone that he doesn't reconize. Last, but not least is the dog Duke Now it's time to discuss the conflict or problem. Also some events that explain the plot. I think the main conflict is that Cheyenne has been kidnapped and has lost one sense that could really help her get away from her kidnappers. Let's start with conflict. The plot is basically what the book is about. In Girl, Stolen the plot is that Cheyenne has been kidnapped and is missing her sight. Now let's get into the plot. One event that I think was an great part in the book is when it tells us about Griffin's mom and why she left. I also have mixed emotions about how Griffin had decided to give Cheyenne his moms old pills. I thought it was a bad idea because it could be very dangerous, but I realize he was just trying to help. Last but not least, my thoughts.
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