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sherri kratzer

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who is known as the father of genetics?
What determines our inherited traits?
What are the 3 basic principles
of heredity?
genes determine our traits
genes come in pairs
genes are passed down through the gametes
The offspring has a 75% chance having dimples
and a 25% chance of not having dimples. Is this describing the
How would the gene pair
be described?
What tool is used to predict the possible
phenotype and genotype of the offspring?
Punnett Square
What does the word gametes mean?
sex cells
What is an allele
A form of a gene
Punnett Square
Which form of a gene is expressed
when another gene is present?

Dominant gene
(the physical appearance)
(or hybrid)
What is an antigen
A protein on the surface of our red blood cells which determines our blood type
Blood type A is a result of what gene combination(s)?
AA or AO
(remember A is dominant over O)
What blood type represents co-dominance?
What is a family tree that is used to trace a trait through generations?
A pedigree
What do the squares in a pedigree represent?
A male
How is a carrier represented in a pedigree?
A half shaded in symbol
What is a karyotype?
A map of an individual's chromosomes used to detect a mutation.
What are the two types of mutations?
Gene and Chromosome
If there is a mistake in cell division during anaphase, would it result in a gene or chromosome mutation?
What is trisomy 21 also known as?
Down Syndrome
Monosomy - missing a chromosome
Trisomy- having an extra chromosome
In what type of cell does a mutation need to occur in to affect the offspring?
gametes or sex cells
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