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Stages Of Conducting a Meeting

No description

eman 3

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Stages Of Conducting a Meeting

Stages of conducting a meeting Before the meeting After the meeting if over the chair has several things to consider:

Check the notes made by the secretary
follow up to see the appropriate action that should be taken
Evaluate the meeting After the meeting Determining the purpose of the meeting
Selecting the participants
Knowing the participants
Choosing the time
Selecting the place:
Creating the agenda
Determine the physical arrangements
Sending a notice to participants
Making the final preparations The Secretary Secretary has many duties as the others, such as:

Send the notice for the meeting in good time to all members
Draw up an agenda
Circulate any documents that might be necessary
Check if the room is available at the time and date of the meeting During the meeting The Chair should be aware of the following:

Establish friendly atmosphere by greeting
direct the flow of the meeting by starting of time, using the agenda and encourage member participants
Present the final comments or questions and summarizing the decisions
Close the meeting by telling the participants the time of the next meeting and thanking them The Chair The Chairs duties can be summarized set as follows:

Prepare an agenda with the help of the secretary
Announce the begging of the meeting formally
Introduce each item for discussion
Supervise voting procedures
End the meeting on time
Make sure that the secretary circulated each member for the agreement at the next meeting
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