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The Road Ahead:

No description

Jessica Rowe

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of The Road Ahead:

The Road Ahead:
2013 Business Plan & Accomplishments
2104 Business Plan & Goals

Responded to the ever changing learning and development environment by retooling skills to best align with client needs

Embraced the Rapid Development Methodology (RDM)

Continued making significant strides in upgrading training rooms

Embedded social learning in TIPS deliverables and used GlobalNet for our team and clients' benefits

Established and documented Onboarding program elements

Immersed ourselves in understanding and documenting Performance Support best practices

Gained proficiency in eLearning software and applied our skills on course maintenance projects and developing new eLearning solutions when needed
Enhance the Client Experience
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
Integrated performance support into the fabric of RDM

Completed the first two phases of the Client Administration Onboarding program to rave reviews!

Invested significant time for Fund Accounting and Portfolio Accounting Onboarding redesign

Developed tools to demonstrate TIPS impact on performance for Onboarding programs
Enhance the Client Experience
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
Increase Efficiencies & Effectiveness
What else is on the way?
A new TIPS Service request system in SharePoint!

A new time tracking system in MS Project Server!
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
An executive leader became a
raving fan
for redesigned new hire programs and wants his other programs redesigned ASAP!
Increase Efficiencies
and Effectiveness
Can you guess how much of our new content is self-paced?
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
69% of new content is self-paced!
Develop Leaders and Associates
TIPS has invested $23,233 in professional development year-to-date.
TIPS has invested $22,951 in tuition reimbursement year-to-date.
Develop Leaders
and Associates
Develop Leaders and Associates
Implemented Intuition in TIPS to increase financial business acumen

2,524 hours devoted to Professional Development, including cross-training other departments and professional/career development, training/conferences

Kicked off the Social Learning Initiative
Develop Leaders and Associates
TIPS welcomed seven new additions to the team: Amy, Wade, Katie, Monique, Tammy, Adrian, and Jessica!
Develop Leaders and Associates
Multiple associates have completed or are pursuing vILT certification

The following continuing education courses have been completed:
Social Media for Trainers Certificate
Captivate 6
Consulting for Trainers
Advanced Instructional Design
Train the Trainer Boot Camp
Project Management for Learning Professionals
Designing Synchronous Learning
Advanced eLearning Instructional Design
Essentials of Graphics for Learning Online
Knowledge Management Practicioner Certification
ASTD Learning Theory
Develop Leaders and Associates
Conferences and Seminars
Team members attended the following conferences and seminars:
Learning Solutions Conference
Performance Support Symposium (Sept 2013)
Learning 3.0 Conference
ASTD International Conference and Expo
Lectora Users Conference & Tools
Collaborative and Social Learning Best Practices for Learning with Others eLearning Guild Online forum
Learning at the Moment of Need: Connecting Learning to Performance eLearning Guild Online forum
2014 Enhance Client Experience Goals
Develop, document, and promote new services including:
Virtual learning host service
GlobalNet learning community support
Knowledge sharing support - offer knowledge sharing opportunities as part of recommended learning solutions. Demonstrate and guide clients to adopt social collaboration platforms such as GlobalNet to enable knowledge sharing.
Performance support - perform performance gap analysis by consulting with clients to evaluate performance gaps. Identify and recommend opportunities to address those gaps through existing and new performance support tools.
Enhance Client Experience
2014 Enhance Client Experience Goals
Market services to new clients
Create resources (sales/marketing materials) to use with clients

Create client list and schedule meetings with new clients
Partner with Internal Learning Organizations
Support firm-wide learning strategy - Implement assigned initiatives that support firm-wide learning strategy
Increase Institutional Knowledge
Launch Intuition enterprise wide - pursue client rollout of 50% or greater
2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness Goals
Increase Delivery Efficiency
Redesign PSC, Retail Sales, and RPS Transactions Onboarding programs - Reduce instructor-led training to a maximum of 70%

Identify opportunities and pilot mobile learning solutions - Pilot one mobile learning solution
Increase Efficiencies
& Effectiveness
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness -
Modernize the associate learning experience by creating efficient, reusable, just-in-time, learner-paced training solutions and by upgrading learning environments.
Enhance Client Experience -
Deliver effective learning solutions that support a continuous learning cycle and align with business strategies.
2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness Goals
Refine Processes and Procedures
Validate accuracy of instructional design time guidelines
Review actual time allocations for learning deliverables through December 31, 2013.
Develop time estimates for performance support deliverables by Q1 2014.

2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness Goals
Refine Processes and Procedures
Refine processes for capturing key metrics
Automate processes to capture key metrics
Refine process to ensure accuracy of Delivery resource capacity metrics
Improve Systems and Processes
Implement new TIPS project and time tracking systems - deploy new TIPS project and time tracking systems Q4 2013

Increase agile development practices - Define agile development best practices and determine if ratio of agile development to overall learning solution is needed

Implement CMS - Deploy CMS Q3 2013
2014 Manage Risk Goals
Evaluate Tools & Technology
Evaluate training room technology needs - Implement training room upgrade for virtual, cross site facilitation and building 5&6 technology needs

Assess new digital technologies - define scope of technologies for assessment and define process for review
Refine Best Practices
Implement best practices for Design, Delivery, and Knowledge and Learning Content Management channels
Grow project management skills
Implement facilitation calibration standards
Identify and implement course maintenance best practices
Leverage performance support system concepts and brand our performance support solutions for consistency
Manage Risk -
Deliver training or tools to support our client's risk mitigation strategies and practice internal risk mitigation by protecting client data and following established policies and procedures
2014 Manage Risk Goals
Variable Labor Management
Create onboarding program for contractors
Develop onboarding checklists and resources
Create form to document performance and other relevant data

Establish contractor pipeline
Identify opportunities to partner with recruiting
Develop list of agencies and independent contractors to use
2014 Develop Leaders and Associates Goals
Invest in Team Development
Enable professional development opportunities for TIPS associates - develop plan based on business goals, budget, and individual development needs

Continue interdisciplinary up skilling efforts
Develop plan-based skill inventory, business, need, budget, and individual development need
Initiate learning consultant facilitation in cross-trained programs

Instill client engagement skills - coach, observe, and address successes and challenges in 1:1
Develop Leaders and Associates -
Empower learning team development by enhancing core competencies
Develop Leaders and Associates
2014 Develop Leaders and Associates Goals
Invest in Team Development
Increase formal learning acumen through social platforms and interactions
Team participation in social learning education efforts
Incorporate GlobalNet into workflow
Educate team on new services: virtual learning host and GlobalNet learning community support

Enhance project management skills
Coach, observe, and address successes and challenges in 1:1
Complete Project Management HMM course
Ready for the Road Ahead...
Enhance the Client Experience
Launched a formal course maintenance service and crafted client engagement scripts to ensure consistency in client interactions during course maintenance projects

Refined the course maintenance process by grouping course maintenance projects across business lines

Demonstrated the necessity of performance support in the associate's flow of work, thus ensuring continuous learning in the workplace

Partnered with CCM and Recruiting for Delivery Forecasting and Planning

Continued to build out vILT Facilitation capabilities

Facilitated the new RIS Onboarding program, the new phases of the Client Administration Onboarding program, and a PSC mini-redesign

Redesigned Transactions Onboarding programs that were blended between the old and new department organization

Became certified Knowledge Management practitioners through the KM Institute
Developed 11 courses to support contingency plans

Conducted focus groups to obtain feedback on TIPS Web-based training

Established Instructional Design Time guidelines

Implemented a revised project management tool

Purchased an eLearning Brothers license to add depth to our design toolbox and upgraded Lectora to enhance our design capabilities
Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
Develop Leaders and Associates

2 Learning Consultants are pursuing their Master's Degrees
1 Group Manager pursuing his Master's Degree
1 Supervisor pursuing her Master's Degree
1 Knowledge Analyst obtained her undergraduate degree
Manage Risks
Successfully implemented cross training for Onboarding programs.

Successfully completed the 2013 RPS Database Project.
Diversified Fields
2014 Enhance Client Experience Goals
Enable knowledge sharing through social learning

Incorporate social learning element into 25% of learning solutions delivered

Deliver stand-alone GlobalNet learning community support for small Onboarding programs and continuing education courses
2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness Goals
Evaluate instructional design processes to capture best practices
Identify guidelines for tool selection
Identify criteria when instructional designers develop WBTs end to end
Evaluate PDQ for instructional designer and eLearning developer roles

Enhance project manager tools and processes
Review project plan effectiveness by November 30, 2013
Implement revised project plan by December 31, 2013
Investigate use of Microsoft Project by October 15, 2013
2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness Goals
2014 Increase Efficiencies and Effectiveness
2014 Manage Risk Goals
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