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The Importance of Storytelling in Life of Pi

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Savahna Idirs

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Storytelling in Life of Pi

The Importance of Storytelling in Life of Pi
By: Savahna Idris

Narrative Frame
Life of Pi : Story within a story
Yann Martel is the author of the whole novel, Unknown author of the authors note and Pi Patel author of his own story on the life boat.
A second story or stories in the main story
Story with the animals vs. Story with the humans
Story with Humans:
More violent and contains very savage like behaviour

Story with Animals:
More meaning to Pi
Spends more time on this story
Supposed to make you believe in God
In Life of Pi, the theme of stories and storytelling gives Pi the ability to accept his reality as well as cope with his traumatic experiences thus allowing him to stay sane and survive.
Main Points
significance of the animal story
significance of a fictional story
significance of the journal
Significance of the Animal story
Used as a way to escape the cruelty that humans are capable of
Richard Parker takes the role of the violent side of Pi, he becomes his alter ego
Describes the acts that occur on the lifeboat but in a less harsh manner
Animals are a part of his past in India where he grew up owning a zoo. He has created an attachement to the animals of his past.
" My greatest wish - other than salvation- was to have a book. A long book with a never ending story. One could read again and again, with new eyes and a fresh understanding each time. Alas, there was no scripture in the life boat... At the very least, if I had had a good novel! But there was only the survival manual, which I must have read a thousand time over the course of my ordeal" (p.230)
Shows the extent to which books are important to Pi
Instead of food or water he wishes for a good novel, which is evidence of the power a novel can have
Significance of a Fictional Story
Gives Pi the ability to seperate himself from his violent side by having Richard Parker as an alter ego
Allows him to accept what happened but in a way that is less harsh
Fictional story makes it seem as if it's not true
Significance of the Journal
Provided Pi with something to occupy himself with
Helped to keep track of time, food supply and observations
Gave him the ability to express himself aswell as communicate his experience
Acts as a companion
Journal Entry
Example of what kinds of things he wrote in the journal
“I talked about what you might expect: about things that happened and how I felt, about what I caught and what I didn’t, about seas and weather, about problems and solutions, about Richard parker. All very practical stuff.” (231)
Language in the journal entry is as though he is speaking to someone else and not himslef
Journal as well as the story allow Pi to cope
Animal story: Seperates Pi's violent side that was brought out by his instinct to surive
Fictional story: Provided a means to accept what happened to him
Journal: Allowed him to communicate and express himself while on the boat
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