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Judaism Post-Holocaust

By Kurt Heslop for History 121

Kurt Heslop

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Judaism Post-Holocaust

Judaism after the Holocaust Jewish Population in 1933: 9, 508, 340 Jewish population in 1945: 3, 546, 211 The total losses are estimated at: 5,962, 129 That is a loss of 62% of the Jewish population! What happened in Europe? Concentration camp prisoners are freed, and the world learns of Nazi horrors In this image, American Generals force civilians to
witness the horrors of their former leaders Some Jews choose to stay
in Europe. In 1946 there were: About 1, 000, 000
Jews in Europe Anti-semetic feelings persisted, so
many Jews feared to return home,
instead being moved to displacement camps This Jewish family has taken
refuge at a Red Cross camp near
Babenhausen, Germany Many Jews simply chose to
flee Europe. They went to these
locations: The United states (137,000) Isreal ( < 90000 ) There were many other,
but those were the big 2 The Middle East / Israel After the Holocaust, the Zionist
movement gained massive amounts
of support for a Jewish Homeland Zionism was a movement
for the foundation of a
Jewish state in the Holy Land On May 14, 1948 this movement
culminated with the founding of the state of Israel in former British palestine After defeating muslims within their
borders and a coalition of several
Arab nations, most of the world recongnized
Israel and the borders it had won The United States As stated before, nearly 137, 000 Jews
entered the United states This Jewish man makes sure his identification is
in order at the American refugee center based in Fort
Ontario There are now an estimated
6,500,000 Jews in the United States About 20,000 of them are
Holocaust survivors Other parts of the world The soviet Union established
an autonomous Jewish province
In the Far east Asia and africa have no
significant Jewish population,
then or today Sources: American Holocaust Musuem (Info and Images):
http://www.ushmm.org/ Simple-to-remember Judaism (Statistics):
http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/world-jewish-population.htm Wikimedia (Images) Thank You for Listening
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